Your Guide to Newark Liberty International Airport

Welcome to the Newark Airport guide! As many of you know, Newark is one of the main hubs this Saturday for IFATC. As expected, it will be crowded. In this topic, I am going to guide you through the detailed procedures, terminals, and taxiing directions in the Gateway City.

1. Procedures

1.1 Departure Procedures

Unfortunately, there is only one published SID at Newark. What is not shown on the procedure is the sharp turns made after departure. Before even leaving the airfield, almost all aircraft have to make a sharp turn away from the airport (heading 060 from Runway 04L and heading 190 from Runway 22R).

Example image:

Credits: SkyVector

Trust me, it’s not as complicated as it looks. Just follow all the procedures and you should be fine. :)

1.2 Arrival Procedures

There are quite a few arrival procedures at EWR.

Example image:

Here, I’ll sum it up for you:
Northeast arrivals: FLOSI4, SHAFF7
East arrivals: FLOSI4, SHAFF7
Southeast arrivals: RUUTH1
South arrivals: DYLIN4, PHLBO3, RUUTH1
Southwest arrivals: DYLIN4, PHLBO3
West Arrivals: FQM3, PENNS2
Northwest arrivals: PENNS2, FLOSI4, SHAFF7
North arrivals: FLOSI4, SHAFF7

Just follow all of the published altitudes, and you should be good. :)

2. Terminal Procedures

3. Runway Procedures

Now this is something that can get complicated at times. The runway assignments at Newark vary from time to time, but one thing that can be made sure of: only use runway 11/29 if absolutely necessary. I know this is something that will most likely be controlled by IFATC, but in the case that there is no IFATC present and you have to use Unicom, then please don’t use 11/29, unless extreme weather conditions make it impossible to land on 04R/22L. About that. Takeoff runway is 99% of the time 04L/22R, unless there is some sort of obstruction/construction on the runway, in which case 04R/22L will be used. Full-length runway takeoffs are hardly utilized on runway 22R, only for heavy departures and full flights. If not, then please taxi and hold short of 22R before the 11/29 intersection.

Well folks, that’s pretty much it. Feel free to follow my guidances if no IFATC is present. If not, go ahead and follow IFATC. They know best and are most likely disregarding realistic procedures to maintain realistic traffic flow. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you on Saturday!


Imma fly to Newark right now!

how do you get all this info? lol

He did say he got his charts from
Sky Vector

Newark is my favorite place because I have family there. anyway, nice tutorial and I wish I was grade 3 so I could fly into there from LAX :(

If anyone needs an fpl for LAX-EWR here it is:




@Pingu, I think you missed out Singapore Airlines. One could not miss out on the current record for the world’s longest flight. Singapore to Newark


Yes. They are in the INTL terminal B.

And “Virgin Atlantic Airways Airlines” lol

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yes, but it was not mentioned in his post


Great Tutorial Pingu!

does skyvector specify usage of STARs and runways?

It should, in the Chart page, however it only works in the US

Me being me:

WhErE iS tHe AiRpOrT?
Great tutorial though!


Just giving this a sight bump so people see it today. :)


Clearly that wasn’t seen. The amount of non United planes at Terminal C (and airlines where they don’t belong) was through the roof. I can’t really complain since it’s a simulator and not everyone knows, but why!! EWR Police (me) went crazy!