Your Guide to London Gatwick Airport (EGKK)


ICAO: EGKK | IATA: LGW | Location: Horley, West Sussex, England 📍

It’s time to shine some light on the one and only Gatwick Airport! Gatwick is a major international airport located just 29.5 miles south of London. A lot of people like to look at Gatwick as the “low cost budget airport” which for the most part is true. Similar to that of Stansted or Luton for example. However, airlines offer a great deal of routes to choose from to Europe and beyond! Although it might look dated in comparison to other major airports, it isn’t actually too bad!

I’ve been fortunate enough to experience what it’s like to work at Gatwick on the ramp and see corners of the airport I never knew existed and let me tell you, working airside as an avgeek is nothing but pure fun. So, for that reason, I would like to unveil what Gatwick has to offer and hopefully convince you to fly there in Infinite Flight!

Aerodrome chart


Runway Ident True Heading Surface Type Length Width ILS Available Known as the…
26L 258° Grooved Asphalt 10,948ft 151ft Yes Main Runway
26R 258° Grooved Asphalt 8,415ft 148ft No Northern Runway
08R 078° Grooved Asphalt 10,948ft 151ft Yes Main Runway
08L 078° Grooved Asphalt 8,415ft 148ft No Northern Runway

26L/08R - Main Runway: This runway is used used for all arrivals and departures. However, it can be shut through the early hours of the morning for resurfacing.

26R/08L - Northern Runway: This runway is mostly used as a taxiway. However, when 26L/08R is closed it may be used! We simulate the runway closure in Infinite Flight with a TFR.


London Gatwick has two main terminals. These being the…

North Terminal

Here’s the North Terminal. This has to be my personal favourite due to the skybridge that connects the main terminal to Pier 6! The north terminal is divided into piers. These being Piers 4, 5 & 6.

South Terminal

This is the South Terminal. This terminal consists of another three piers. These being Piers 1, 2 & 3.


Below is a list of airlines that operate at London Gatwick along with their respective terminals! If you’re trying to be ultra-realistic you can refer to the following table:

View table...
Airline Terminal
Aer Lingus South Terminal
Aegean South Terminal
Air Arabia Maroc South Terminal
Air Baltic South Terminal
Air Europa South Terminal
Air Malta South Terminal
Air Transat North Terminal
Aurigny South Terminal
Bamboo Airways South Terminal
BH Air South Terminal
British Airways South Terminal
Corendon Airlines South Terminal
Croatia Airlines South Terminal
easyJet Both Terminals
Eastern Airways South Terminal
Emirates North Terminal
Enter Air South Terminal
Freebird North Terminal
Iberia Express South Terminal
Iceland Air North Terminal
Jet2 South Terminal
JetBlue North Terminal
Norwegian South Terminal
Nouvelair South Terminal
Norse South Terminal
Qatar Airways North Terminal
Royal Air Maroc North Terminal
Rwandair North Terminal
Ryanair South Terminal
SmartWings South Terminal
SunExpress South Terminal
TAP Portugal South Terminal
Titan Airways South Terminal
TUI Both Terminals
Turkish Airlines South Terminal
Vueling South Terminal
WestJet North Terminal
Wizz Air South Terminal


Beforeeeeee you go crazy, note that there is one aircraft that’s not permitted to taxi beneath the skybridge. Any guesses? That’s right, the A380. That doesn’t mean the queen of the skies can’t fit though…

The purpose of the skybridge is to connect the main terminal to pier 6. This is undoubtedly one of the best areas in the entire airport for both passengers and avgeeks. Passengers can enjoy the peacefulness whilst avgeeks can enjoy the views! If you ever find yourself travelling from the North Terminal and the departure board says that your gate is between 101 to 113, you’ll be crossing the bridge!


Frequencies within Infinite Flight at Gatwick and surrounding areas:

Name Frequency
EGKK ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) 136.52
EGKK Ground 121.80
EGKK Tower 124.22
EGKK Tower 134.22
EGKK Approach 118.95
EGKK Approach 126.82
EGKK Approach 129.02
London Center 127.00
London Center 128.00
London Center 129.00

Departure & Arrival Procedures

Departure Procedures (SID)

Arrival Procedures (STAR)

Remote Stands

Here are all of the remote stands at Gatwick. There are quire a few and they all mostly serve the same purpose. However, some remote stands in particular are commonly used for aircraft storage, aircraft cleaning and private jets. These being stands 230 to 235!

That’s it! Hopefully you’ve found this useful


Great guide Dan, I will definitely be using this with the detailed information you provided the next time I stop by Gatwick!


Great guide Dan! Will definitely utilize this!


Great guide Dan🙌🏻
Hopefully this will entice more pilots to fly to/out Gatwick😎✈️
Personally I have been to all piers except for Pier 3, it just never happened to me!

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Excellent guide Dan! This will be useful for my endeavors into Gatwick.

Btw, I read that Pier 1 was renovated many years pack, turning it from a pier parallel with 2 to what it is now. I’m guessing the old Pier 1 used to stand where Taxiways J, Z, AN, and V currently are?


Super guide @Dan! I love this wonderful topic you have made here!;D Clearly you know much better than me!:)😆😅

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You’re correct! Pier 1 is now a very modern but small part of the terminal. Here’s a then vs now…


I’m gonna be honest, I liked the old version more. 😂

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We live in a modern age now where everything has to be simple XD


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Thanks for the guide Dan! I havent flewn into London Gatwick since it has become 3D, so i will have to give it a visit!

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You’re welcome! Now we should hopefully start to see airlines at the correct terminals ;)


Which terminal would you fly to if you were to recreate Cathay Pacific’s old route to Gatwick that ran pre-pandemic?

South Terminal :)

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Awesome! This adds realism to the airport for me. I believe KLGA has a sky bridge too.

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Hey, just letting you know it seems like you mixed up the headings for 26R and 8L, I might just be stupid though, great tutorial