Your Guide To KIAH (Featured Tomorrow!)

George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Tomorrow, one of the featured airports on the Expert server is the one and only KIAH, my home airport, and one of the more underserved airports in the US. This topic will explain what you should expect when flying to and from the airport, and how you can make your experience as realistic as possible, enjoy!


Being a large international hub, IAH services a large array of different aircraft types that you all know and love. Here’s a nice list of the many different aircraft that serve Houtston:


747 (Freighter)
777 (Freighter)



Regional Jets



Heres a list of routes to and from Houston. These will be split into three different categories:

United Airlines - North America/Central America

List of routes can be found here

These are all United and United Express routes serving destinations in Canada, The United States, Mexico, and Central America

United Airlines - Intercontinental


List of routes can be found here

These are all United routes serving destinations in Asia, Australia, South America, and Europe.

Other Airlines & Cargo Routes


List of routes can be found here

These are all routes served by non-United Airlines, including (but not limited to) Emirates, British Airways, Ethiopian Airways, Qatar Airways, Air New Zealand, Lufthansa, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines.

Disclaimer: Some routes may not be listed due to COVID-19 related cancellations.

Airport Operations

To maximize realism, here is how you should fly in and out of Houston when you decide to fly there tomorrow (or anytime).


KIAH has a unique runway layout. Typically, controllers will utilize runways 15L/33R and 15R/33L for departures ONLY. The rare exception to this rule is in the case of an emergency. Other than that, no aircraft should be landing on these runways. The other three parallel runways, 26L/8R, 26R/8L, and 09/27 are mainly used for arrivals. However, depending on winds, 09 will be used as a departure runway along with the 15’s if IAH is landing from the West. 27 will be used as the main departure runway only of winds are unfavorable for the 15/33s. There is also construction somewhere in the airport, so 26L has been used as a main departure runway quite a bit recently. However, for the most part, the 8/26s are arrival only.


KIAH features five terminals.Terminal A primarily caters to non-United domestic flights, and some flights to canada. These are typically either Delta or American aircraft, although, occasionally, United express will have a flight fro, there. Terminal B serves united Express flights. That’s about it. Terminal C mainly has united domestic services, but also has some international United flights. Terminal D is the main international terminal for almost all non-United airlines. These gates service aircraft as small as the Volaris A319 to the Emirates A380. Most lounges are included here, as well as a duty free shop. Lastly, theres Terminal E, which essentially serves the same purpose as C except with more international flights.


If you’re not a fan or straight out departures, you’ll love this airport. Most KIAH departure procedures require an immediate left or right turn (depending on which runway you depart from). This is especially fun in real life as it gives a magnificent view of the airport.


Here’s a useful link to all of KIAH’s STAR, SID, and IAP charts:

I sincerely hope that this inspires you to fly to my Home town of Houston. KIAH truly is a wonder of an airport, and I highly recommend flying here. Thanks for reading and ill see you in the skies!


Cant wait to control tommorow!

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@DiamondGaming4. MaxSez: The time and effort noted in the preparation of this topic with great pleasure.
To the best of my memory this is a First IFATC going the extra mile in keeping the community in the loop! Well Done! BZ…
Respectfully, Max



love this. good effort

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Honestly a great effort much appreciated on my part

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Thank you so much for putting the time in to make this! It is much appreciated! I can guarantee you that UVAL will definitely be taking advantage of IFATC at the field!

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Wait isnt this not in the game?

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Currently flying to Houston right now thanks for the guide !

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Good topic! Very solid effort.

To all that are flying here: Remember that although charts may say otherwise, always follow ATC instructions.
If there’s parallel departures, always maintain separation!


Unfortunately, it is not. I just thought I’d list all of the different aircraft that fly irl 🙂

List** hehe

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Thanks for the guide. I’ll arrive in around 22 hours at KIAH. Currently on my way to Zurich from Cape town in an a330 then i’ll continue on to Houston. See everyone there!

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