Your Guide to Key West International Airport

A Guide to Key West International Airport

Hello everyone! Welcome to my mini tutorial for Key West Int'l Airport! This is a very small airport so this won't contain too much information

Key West International Airport is located about 2 miles southeast of the downtown area of Key West, in Monroe County in Florida.
The airport, which is located at an elevation of 3 feet, served over 969,000 passengers in 2019.
It is famous for its notoriously short runway which is only 5,076 feet long. Flights operating into and out of Key West often have weight restrictions because of this. No aircraft bigger than a 737-700 or A319 fly here


Delta, American, United, and Silver operate regularly into Key West. Jetblue recently began service from Boston and New York JFK. Allegiant will begin flights in June.
Delta and American both operate the A319 into Key West, with Allegiant soon to be the third airline to do so. Jetblue recently began sending the E190 to Key West as well.


Key West is located only a couple miles to the west of Naval Air Station Key West. Because of this, all aircraft departing Key West’s runway 9 turn left to a heading of 360 immediately after departure to remain clear of the military airspace.
Runway 9 is most frequently used, runway 27 is rarely used, especially during the summer months.
Because of Key West’s low sea level elevation, this allows aircraft to fly very low, typically vectored to 1,500 for visual approaches. There are two towers that reach up to 320 feet directly west of the end of runway 9, which are typically no factor to landing aircraft.

Thanks for checking out this tutorial! Key West is a small airport so there aren’t as many procedures as other bigger fields.If this one does well I may create some others in the future.


Key West is an airport I love to fly into. Great Scenery and fun approach. I’ll definitely reference this on my next flight in.


Good timing for this thread, this will help me out a bit more for my event tomorrow thanks! 😉

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I already had a feeling when seeing the picture… 5000feet isn’t too long indeed, but definitely makes for a nice change in operations. Very interesting guide, really nicely done! Thanks!

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This is awesome @Joseph_Spinner! I’m glad my question about the runways was answered.

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Great guide! Glad to see other Florida airports get guides

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