Your Guide to IFATC At Home! May 10th

Why are you treating this like a chat room? (Ill talk it over with the gang)


Ok!! I honestly don’t know why! It should be about the IFATC at Home! I didn’t even expect that it would turn out like this!

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Everyone the list is updated! Go check it out!

I’m going to control KACY for Sunday

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What time?

Hey @MJP_27 I’m Opening MKJS. Using my same topic the last time.
IFATC At Home - Montego Bay - Jaylan Brown

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The airport that can be open are:

  • EHEH
  • EHAM
  • EHRD
  • EHBK

I will be open at EDDM

I think you forgot the middle east.

Ok I will add them!! I just have to finish my schoolwork!

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The Middle East airports will go under Asia!

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Prolly 11am ET

Is he going to open those for this weekend?

We have I think at least 4 IFATC controllers who are from the Netherlands. I will probably open EHEH and EHRD for sure ;-)! However, I am not sure at what time I will open! You don’t even have to question if EHAM is going to be open, yes or no hahaha (cause it will be open!)

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You should make a thread on it!

Look here, a thread is already made ^^!

I am from Netherlands too Haha!!
I have my practical tomorrow, if I pass, for sure I will control at sunday

Hey, you actually linked the wrong threat with Corfu 🙂

Oh Sorry! I will change it now!

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