Your Guide to IFATC At Home! May 10th

I’ll be opening KTYS in between @VulicityHD . I’ll be on at 2020-05-10T12:00:00Z2020-05-10T14:00:00Z


Is it possible to open one Airport more for this event? I would like to open my homeairport in Germany which is EDDV.

Yes you may!!

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I plan to open ZBAD-- Beijing Daxing :) Could you please add me? I plan to open on Sunday 2:00-5:00pm US Eastern Time. @MJP_27
(I am still working on my thread)

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Hey, just noticed the airports from the Canadian thread aren’t added :)

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I’ve looked up some Routes from and to the Netherlands. For the people who are interested to do some short hauls in Europe (for example: EGLC to EHAM).

I just finished with my thread. I’ve also updated the time I wish to operate. Thank you.

I’ll be open at Southampton during the day 🇬🇧 👍🏻

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I’ll be open with @Alejandro_Castaneda tomorrow at MMMX

IFATC At Home - México

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Hey everyone! I’m really behind on this!!! I will update it soon! So stay tuned!!!

@MJP_27 You can add me for BHX international airport tm :) Can’t wait to go and control at my favourite UK airport.



Ok so it’s not letting me copy the thread link’s! I’m super sorry!

UPDATE: It’s working now!

Maybe just update the time there?
I’ve been waiting for a long time…

Yeah sorry! I’ve been really busy!

Can’t wait! See you guys at KSMF ;)

Nice! Thank for making this

MMMX is missing. It will be open tomorrow according to this post here.

LGAV and LGTS are also featured in the IFATC ~ Greece thread 🙂

I’m updating the thread! So it should be in there soon! So stay tuned!

I’ve updated my times for KBUR

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Ok got it!

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