Your Guide to IFATC At Home! May 10th

Look here, a thread is already made ^^!

I am from Netherlands too Haha!!
I have my practical tomorrow, if I pass, for sure I will control at sunday

Hey, you actually linked the wrong threat with Corfu 🙂

Oh Sorry! I will change it now!

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Hi, if you can update my thread it would be great!

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I just upload my thread, will be on Spain!

Thanks for this awesome database!!!

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Yes I will!

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If someone could add this to the main post, that would be groovy of you 🤙🏻

This my thread, if you could add it that’d be litty.

Ok I will add them!! Sorry I just woke up

My uploaded topic

Just made one :) here: IFATC At Home - Trondheim Værnes

I have the thread here for all the Australians. I’ll edit it into the guide myself. Here is the thread!


Yes thank you!! You may edit it into the thread! I’m really busy right now!


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I’ll be doing Tampa, Florida. Here is the thread! Need mine to be added
IFATC at Home - Tampa, Florida

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Please could you add my thread, thanks!


Ok I will!

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Could you please add the Swiss ATC thread?

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i will be opening sydney as soon as the region change and for as long as possible

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I will be opening KATW around noon, and here is my thread.