Your Guide to IFATC At Home! May 10th

Don’t forget Isle of Man :)

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EDDV is open now. It’s Hannover in Germany :)

Could you add that I am open starting from now? (1000Z)

Oh are you still open?

Yeah I am actually

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@MJP_27 I will be at UUEE for


Closed after 5:20hrs… Thanks to everybody who came by and made my session interesting. I may open later on again

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Uploaded, please link!

Are the opening times ZULU or local to the airport?

Just your local time!

Thanks I just realised you could tap the time and it says what time in different time zones.

Hey everyone! I hope your all doing good and staying safe! This is going really great!! Thanks for all of the IFATC controllers who opened the airports! I will be flying a lot today! So keep an eye out for me!!


Beijing Daxing Tower, Ground, and ATIS are now open

Sion (LSGS) Tower, Ground, ATIS, and Radar (Approach) are now open.

Update: now closed

Would you be so kind as to change the ICAO-Code of Sion since it is LSGS (not LSZI). Thank you very much.

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Oh I’m sorry about that! Changing it now!

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I’ve opened yssy

Ok so I’m going to go to sleep now! Thank you all controllers who opened the airports! We hope to see you for the next one!


YMML and YSSY are open in Australia come fly between Australia’s 2 biggest and
the second busiest route in the world Pre-covid19
Flight is around
1hr-1hr 30mins each way

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