Your Guide to IFATC at Home - 19 July

IFATC at Home - 19 July

We all know Sunday, 19 July is yet another day of IFATC at Home. This means that controllers will be opening airports in the country they represent. I have created this thread for everyone to easily check which airports will be open, when and also quickly access the link to the thread.

Airport Time Controller Notes
Abu Dhabi OMAA 2020-07-19T06:00:00Z2020-07-19T20:00:00Z @Lawin_S Thread
Hong Kong VHHH 2020-07-19T05:35:00Z2020-07-19T07:00:00Z & 2020-07-19T08:00:00Z2020-07-19T09:00:00Z @CapDUDE Thread
Karachi OKPC 2020-07-19T09:30:00Z @T2118AB Thread

North America
Airport Time Controller Notes
Northeast Florida KJAX & KSGJ 2020-07-19T11:00:00Z2020-07-20T15:00:00Z @SamC Thread
Toronto CYYZ TBC @AndrewWu @robert_xing Thread
Tennessee KTYS TBC @VulicityHD Thread
Chicago KORD 2020-07-19T02:00:00Z2020-07-19T03:00:00Z @United2 Thread
Missouri KSTL 2020-07-19T12:00:00Z2020-07-19T13:00:00Z @United2 Thread
Dallas Love KDAL TBC @Saharsh Thread
Dallas Fort Worth KDFW TBC @mwe2187 Thread
Atlanta KATL 2020-07-19T18:00:00Z2020-07-19T19:00:00Z @ShaneAviation Thread

South America
Airport Time Controller Notes

Airport Time Controller Notes
London City EGLC TBC @patrickv Thread
London Heathrow EGLL TBC @Khainto Thread

Airport Time Controller Notes

Airport Time Controller Notes

If I missed out any airport, feel free to add it below and I’ll add it to the list when I can.

See you on Sunday!


Mid-week doesn’t mean Monday…unless weeks are now one day long and Monday is the beginning, middle, and end of the week. Don’t think that ever happened.


Oh, it’s Tuesday for me. Anyway, there are quite a number of threads up though.

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I’d wait until Wednesday or Thursday. I don’t even think we should be doing this, especially if 15-16 people will be posting a directory just for the likes. @NoahM was the one that started it, therefore shouldn’t he be able to do it anyways?

For goodness sake, just browse through the #atc category, it’s not that difficult.


Fair point, okay then. Mods may close this. I opened this thread as there were quite a number of threads up already.

Not everyone does it for that reason. Compiling such things would actually help people find out information faster.


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I apologise, I didn’t notice the other thread and I saw a number of threads up already so I decided to post this.

As mentioned, mods can close this or leave it, it’s up to them.


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