Your Guide to Fuel Burn and Cruising Altitudes in the New 777 Family [IGNORE 777F]

M.82 is not a economy speed. It’s a safety speed in case airspeed fluctuates too much (and it makes the ride smoother)

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This is what I’m looking for. I’ve bookmark it and thanks for the guide, dude. Appreciate it 🙏🙏🙏

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very useful, so that those who don’t know will understand

thank you for sharing your knowledge 🙏👍

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This is a seriously good template. Flying cargo is my next challenge, and with the new update happening, i look forward to using this chart to accurately get me to my destination. 10/10 Mate.

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Going to try to confirm the legitimacy of these numbers by maxing each of these aircraft out in Solo Mode using the new 5x time multiplier feature. Probably doing the 77F tonight, the 772 and 77W tomorrow, and the 77L on Tuesday. I then will max out the 77L (again) on live servers, most likely by using tactics that wouldn’t ever be used in real life, just do see what it’ll do. Updates will be left in this thread.


This is great! I wish you could make the same tutorial but for the A350. I have a lot of difficulty flying that plane properly.


Yeah for sure, now that the 5x time feature is in it’ll be a lot easier to get numbers. Although I have noticed that the A350 has very consistent fuel burn no matter what altitude you are as long as it’s not obscene for that weight.

Game estimated flight time for the 77W can be updated to 23:00. Just finished a flight in beta for it at 23:07.

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The physical fuel menu has been updated to 23:00?

Oh my bad misinterpreted. I suggest changing practical estimated flight time Westbound to 23hrs

Did you carry 90% pax and 75% cargo? I just need to keep a standard, that’s all. Nothing against your flight.

KJFK - YPPH in the 777F. Barely any fuel left, 20:57, which is two more minutes than the calculated theoretical maximum.

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Actually I don’t think 75% cargo is a realistic number for range. A more realistic number for range is about 30kg * passenger count or something like that.

That’s approximately what I used, like 400 passengers * 30 per passenger is something like 26k pounds or something, 75% is 33k pounds, that’s close enough for me to not want to do the math over lol

Thank you for posting this, definitely helping me with my current cargo flight on the 777F, Cruising with 70% load at FL300 .84 with 4hrs of flight time remaining.

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Andrew The Mathematician back at it again! Not sure where you were before like 2 weeks ago, but anyway…

Very smart and very detailed work. I do not have that kind of time on my hands.

I’m doing my own related work (sort of) in figuring out the best SimBrief profiles/fuel factors for each 777 variant. But it’s really just guess and check and none of this math stuff.


Awesome Guide! Bookmarked, will defo refer to in the future!

Now go to bed :ban:

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It’s barely past midnight gimme a break


So I took a look at the fuel burn chart for the B77W however I’m confused as to why you can’t climb to FL390 without having a high fuel burn.
Take this flight, BA15 from London to Singapore and they almost always climb to FL390.

Can you explain how this is possible in real life even though it’s not possible according to your chart?

Infinite Flight isn’t totally accurate to real life. I have just taken numbers straight from the game and pieced together a very technical picture. It could be that the 77W in real life does have better fuel economy up there while the IF 77W does not, or those 77Ws could be riding a jetstream, for example, so that the increased speed would offset higher fuel burn. But honestly, I’m 90% sure the answer is just that IF and IRL are different.