Your Guide to Finding an IFATC

How to Find an IFATC


Topic Purpose

This tutorial will teach you the steps that should be taken to find your controller, granted you need to contact him/her for any reason. The point of this tutorial is to hopefully avoid less topics asking “who my controller was”.

What to do

Finding an IFATC controller is quite simple and really easy. It takes less than 2 minutes and not only will save you having to post a topic about it, but also the feel of accomplishing something yourself.

  1. If you were reported, you have two options. The first option is to take a look at your violation log and find the controllers name. The second option is to head on over to your replay file and under the comments section, you’ll see the controllers name. If you have a general question about the service that was provided or a question that the controller would need to answer, go here and find your controller.

  2. With that information, take a jump to the IFATC Directory, which can be found here.

  3. Once there, click on the search box in the upper right hand corner and search that same name you saw in the comments of your replay file before pressing enter.

  4. After the information loads, scroll down (if needed) and match the controllers tag (left) to the IFC name (right). You can simply click on the IFC name (right) and it’ll take you straight to their IFC account.

  5. Upon viewing the controllers IFC account, you can simply click “message” and type up what you need to say just as if it were an IFC topic. If you are a new member and cannot send a PM, you can always contact @appeals and they’ll assist!

What Happens if I Can’t Find My Controller?

  1. If for some reason the controllers name does not show up, please try searching the name again. It is possible that it may not load the first time.

  2. After searching again and you had no luck, you may head over to the IFC and then create a topic asking for assistance.


Not only does finding the controller yourself give you a feel of achievement, but you are also avoiding posting an unneeded topic on the IFC, which in turn uses up storage. You are also saving the mods some time so that they do not need to tend to a topic for it to be closed or monitored. Yes that may be small, but just thing about all the other things they could be doing!


Thank you for reading! I hope this tutorial helped anyone who may have had issues finding a controller in the past and will be the perfect guide for finding one in the future!


Hopefully this gets pinned so users son’t make public topics no more haha

Haha. I wouldn’t hold your breath, but who knows. Misha’s unicorn may work a miracle. 🦄

I don’t even think pinned messages make a difference.

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We have not seen any evidence that pinning, flashing, spinning, or centered text will make people read it.


Nice tutorial, much needed! Out of curiosity, what exactly would qualify as a necessary PM to a controller?

I would say really anything that you may question or have an issue with. Just be sure to be kind about it and be open to what the controller has to say in response.


This should be pinned or added into the FAQ part of the ATC schedule every week! Amazing topic!

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Thanks man, really appreciate it!

Also, pinning a topic doesn’t really make an impact, unfortunately.

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Ah, so this is for me every time I get reported 😂😂. Just kidding, I’ve actually gotten reported on level three one time, and that was like a year ago

Well, I’ve figured out what my next tutorial will be…

What Not to Tell Your Boss

  1. Anything that may get you fired

Do I get the boot honors?

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Yes… I mean… no you dont

Not gonna lie, I’m actually really surprised that something like this hasn’t been addressed before. Hopefully this helps to limit the massive amount of “Why was I reported” topics. Great job!

So, say I was a new user, what should I do (context: I can’t PM users)? Nothing of the sort is mentioned (contacting @appeals).

Very valid point, and I definitely overlooked that. Would you mind if I added that in?

Nice tutorial Zack! I do have a quick question though. What would happen if you wanted to talk to the controller about a pilot you witnessed who the controller didn’t see? Would a PM be appropriate?

Of course! Anything related to a specific session that you are concerned about can be brought up. We will never turn down feedback or concerns!

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Great, thank you! Looking forward to further tutorials of yours. 🙂

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Why, of course!

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I new community tutorial covering this subject has been made and so I have closed this one. Thank you for your contribution to the community!