Your guide to Dublin Airport - (EIDW)

Hello IFC
Welcome to this guide about Dublin Airport


Airport ICAO: EIDW
Airport IATA: DUB

spotting location

53°25’06"N 6°15’08"W

Airport map

Quick history

  • first Opened in 9:00am on January 19, 1940
  • in 2010 Terminal 2 finished construction
  • also the airport used to have a X like runway design instead of its now parallel
  • more info on the Airports website

General information

  • 10L/28R Concrete
    10168 x 147 ft or 3100 x 45 metres
    ILS equipped: Yes
    10L ILS, 28R LOC
  • 10R/28L Asphalt
    8657 x 147 ft or 2639 x 45 metres
    ILS equipped: Yes both sides LOC only
  • 34/16 Asphalt
    6801 x 190 ft or 2073 x 58 meters
    ILS equipped: Yes only on Runway 16 LOC

The meters are rounded



They’re 2 Terminals in Dublin airport
One in the north of the airport (blue)
One in the south (Green)

In the north terminal (1) it is a Hub for Ryanair you’ll mostly see Ryanair planes here

But you can also see other airlines like Iberia or Tap here
But mostly flights that are within Europe

In the south of the Airport (2) it is a hub for Aer lingus
Here you can have flights that are from America by either Aer lingus, Delta, United and American and other international flights outside of Europe
Here you can see other airlines like Emirates or Qatar sometimes Etihad

Hangars and Maintenance

Hangars and Maintenance

In this place here you can see spare aer lingus planes its kinda like storage
Also if you look in Google Earth you can actually see the Aer lingus planes parked
However in real life you’ll probably see a few or none but that place they now use it for cargo

This is Aer lingus maintenance place and there’s also a hanger there

ATC Tower and Remote Gates

ATC tower and Remote Gates

ATC tower

This is Dublin airports newest tower

  • Completed In 2020
  • 86.9m tall
  • can house up to 12 controllers at a time other than the old tower that can house 5

Remote Gates

Here you can mostly see Cargo planes or Private jets
Sometimes planes in storage
Here you can see UPS, FedEx and DHL

Airlines that Operate in Dublin

Airlines that operate in Dublin

  • Aer lingus (Hub)
  • Ryanair (Hub)
  • United
  • Delta
  • American
  • Ethiopian (ending operations at 29th October 2023)
  • Emirates
  • Etihad
  • Qatar
  • Egyptair
  • Norwegian
  • Swiss
  • helvetic
  • KLM
  • Air France
  • Iberia
  • TAP
  • British Airways
  • Transavia
  • SAS
  • HiSKY
  • Lufthansa
  • Vueling
  • Air Canada
  • Finnair
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Iceland Air
  • Loganair
  • Eurowings
  • Westjet
  • Bluebird
  • Flyone
  • Luxair
  • widerøe
  • Albastar
  • blue islands
  • Aurigny
  • Tui
  • Air Transat
  • SunExpress
  • Wamos
  • Play
  • Croatia Airlines
  • AirBaltic
  • Smartlynx
  • Aegean
  • Hainan Airlines
  • buzz
  • EL AL


  • UPS
  • ASL Airlines
  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • Lufthansa Cargo


these are from personal experiences in game and information outside the game about the airport

1. This place here

The reason why is


2. No departure SIDs and no arrival STARs And approaches

Reason is that infinite flight gets their Chart data from NAVBLUE but my guess is that NAVBLUE has yet to update the chart data or infinite flight is unable to get the data at the moment.

But still use the 28L departure SIDs as its similar, also when landing 28R use the LOC

3. Drag and Taxi

Drag and taxi is available in Dublin but it's a bit bugged as they count this place

as a normal taxiway although if you go there it’s under construction but when you issue the drag and taxi command it will show a purple/green line going through the place.
An example on what I’m talking about

Be careful when using that.

Will be updated in the future

Tutorials And Tips

  1. Where to Spawn
Where to spawn

Here is a map of Dublin airport

In General information’s “Terminals” we learned where the planes parked well this is a simplified form and tutorial.

In Green
Aer lingus, Delta, United and American (sometimes In the blue but closer to Green)

Cargo and corporate

Corporate in the Grey square


Bigger planes like

  • 767
  • 777
  • 787
  • a330
  • a350
    (and all the Aer lingus fleet)
    Spawn in the green

Planes like

  • a220
  • a318, a319
  • a320
  • a320neo
  • A321
  • 737-800, 900, Max 7,8,9
  • 757
  • CRJs
  • Embraer’s
    Spawn in the blue

In the blue circle you can park/spawn these following planes:

Hopefully this helps, i hope to see you in Dublin soon

  1. Taking off from runway 28L
Taking off from 28L Tutorial

Now after you pushed backed you requested/you started taxi to 28L
You then reach here

Now that place counts as a hold short line for both runway 28L and 34
So that means there’s is no reason to request to cross the runway 34

As you can see in the screenshot it’s for 34 and 28L
But yes your not wrong to request to cross as the situation looks like this

The main point is you can request take off from there (blue arrow)

  1. Traffic flow for 10R
Traffic flow for 10R

Blue = Traffic taxi to 10R
Red = Traffic exiting 10R

This is one of the many flows you can do
(only when Airport is busy)
Just a recommendation for one of the flows

  1. About Runway 34/16
Runway 34/16

In real life this runway is rarely used but you can still use it in infinite flight
They only use this runway incase for really strong crosswinds
Well on this day 27th of September 2023 storm agnes came to Ireland. and this is how the airport looks like using runway 16

  1. Landing and Controlling during Strong Crosswinds
Landing during strong Crosswinds

Now when I mean strong Crosswinds I mean really strong 26kts+ or when there’s a storm now this is when you can use runway 16 it’s a very helpful runway since you’ll be landing into the Crosswind

Yes the runway is a bit short but the wind will help you slow down.
If the airport is busy expect either holding or go arounds

Controlling during strong Crosswinds

If the airport is busy and there’s strong winds I recommend using:
Landing Runway: 16 or 34 (depending on wind direction)
Departure Runway: 16 and 10R
(remember this is just suggestion do what suites you)

  1. Recommended traffic control
Recommended Traffic control

If its your first time or not I recommend you using the following. but always remember do what suites you.

Departing Runway: 28R
Landing Runway: 28L
(also wind dependant)


DO NOT USE RUNWAY 16/34 IF WINDS ARE CALM (plus it will disturb traffic flow)

A picture represtation

Blue: Traffic departing/28R
Red: Traffic exiting/28L
Also have fun


That’s it hopefully you’ll be at this airport some day
Thank you for reading have a good day/night


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Do you know where Cathay Pacific parked pre-covid?

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Hello @Diskid great thread about DUB.

Do you know if we are allowed to walk going to this spotting area from swords Rd or we need to take our car?


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That’s a great question @Othman_Asli
Well I don’t really know
You can try and walk there but there will be no footpath I believe you can walk on the grass just next to the road
But just to be safe I recommend taking a car
But you can still walk there they will just be no footpath
Hopefully this helps

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@BP-Aviation sorry bro i couldn’t find anything only the a350 cathay pacific landing I couldn’t find out where it parked but my guess is either Terminal 2 or the remote Gates or maybe in the hanger

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@BP-Aviation actually I found out it parked at terminal 1 gate 303

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My apologies if you’ve already been to Dublin but I walk this road daily, there’s a grass patch on the right hand side that goes towards traffic that you can walk on.


Thanks, I already been there and it was absolutely amazing!


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That’s a epic photo of my favourite airline and plane in my favourite and home airport

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RWY 16 in use today storm anges

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Yeah i checked flightradar24 just now the approach they are using is crazy ill update the thread thanks for telling

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I updated this to 23.3 version