Your Guide to Doha Hamad International

Your Guide to Doha Hamad International Airport | مطار حمد الدولي (OTHH)
Elevation: 13ft / 4m ICAO: OTHH / IATA: DOH

Presenting to you, The easiest guide to your gateway to the World- Doha Hamad intl’. This thread is made with an intent to help pilots flying in and out of Hamad Intl’.

Hamad International Airport IATA: DOH/OTHH is an international airport in the State of Qatar and the home of Qatar’s flag carrier, Qatar Airways. Located east of its capital- Doha, it replaced the adjacent Doha International Airport as Qatar’s principal airport.

Hamad International Airport became the first Middle Eastern airport to be awarded the Skytrax’s World Best Airport for 2021 and 2022 World Airport Awards. It is the 6th busiest airport in the world, one of the busiest cargo airports in the world with world class cargo itineraries. The airport was also witness to the 2022 FIFA World cup. The traffic peaked in 2019 when it handled more than 38,786,422+ pax that year, combined with 2,604,000 tonnes of Cargo turned around, and recording a total of 232,917+ movements that year. The Airport itself proudly hosts itself of the sole hub for the flag carrier of the State of Qatar, Qatar Airways.

Terminal Information
Passenger Terminal

The Main Concourse


The new terminal was built in 2014, As a part of the new Modernization drive to host the 2022 FIFA World-cup. Opened in 2014, Hamad (formerly New Doha International Airport) replaces Doha International Airport. It is built to provide significantly increased passenger capacity and cargo facilities. Hamad also offers airfield capacity for a wide range of aircraft including the latest A380 within the ever-expanding fleet of Qatar Airways.

Hamad Airport has a single passenger terminal formed by 5 concourses:

- Concourse A: Located west of the check-in area. It has 10 gates. Gates A3 & A5 are designed to accommodate the Airbus A380.

- Concourse B: Located east of the check-in area. It has 10 gates. Gates B1 & B3 are designed to accommodate the Airbus A380. (Gates B2, B4, B6, B8 & B10 are exclusively used by Emirates high lighted in Dark Blue.)

- Concourse C: Has 13 passenger gates connected to jet bridges, two of them built specifically for the Airbus A380. There are 10 remote gates without a fixed jet bridge link connected to Concourse C. All the gates used by Qatar Airways are high lighted in Magenta.

- Concourse D & E: They are located north of the check-in area, at the end of Concourse C. Both have gates 1-4 on the first floor and gates 20-24 on the ground floor. These gates are used by all other Airlines Execpt for Qatar Airways & Emirates.
International airlines that use this Terminal are listed below.

Air Algerie
Air Arabia
Air Cairo
Air India
Air India Express
American Airlines
Ariana Afghan Airlines
Badr Airlines
Biman Bangladesh
British Airways
Ethiopian Airlines
Etihad airways
Go First
Himalaya Airlines
Jazeera Airways
Kuwait Airways
Libiyan Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
Middle East Airlines
Nepal Airlines
Oman Air
Pakistan International Airlines
Pegasus Airlines
Philippine Airlines
Qatar Airways
Royal Air Moroc
Royal Jordanian
SriLankan Airlines
Syrian Air
Traco Aviaition
Turkish Airlines
US-Bangla Airlines

Cargo Operations

The Cargo Apron

Located in the midfield area (high lighted in Purple in the picture illustrated above), HIA´s cargo terminal has a capacity to process 1.4 million tonnes of cargo per year. The two-floor cargo facility incorporates warehouse spaces, Automated Systems / Retrieval Systems mezzanine, offices and shops. The split-level facility covers 55,000 square metres, boasting 11 wide-body Freighter aircraft stands and 42 Airside loading docks. Additionally, 31 landside truck-loading facilities will enable the swift and efficient transfer of cargo in and out of Qatar. With advanced scanning technology it will ensure the complete safety and security of the facility, its staff and cargo. Hamad International Airport (HIA) has announced that it handled 529,436 tonnes of cargo during the first quarter of 2020, which signifies a 4.7 percent increase in the global hub’s cargo activity in comparison to the same quarter the previous year. In detail, HIA handled 529,436 tonnes of cargo in the first quarter of 2020, with 176,279 tonnes in January, 173,248 tonnes in February and 179,909 tonnes in March of 2020 alone.
Airlines using this Facility are mentioned below.

Qatar Airways Cargo
Turkish Cargo

VIP Services

Emiri Terminal

Located adjacent to taxiways leading to runway 34R, The Emiri terminal is the VIP gateway for the Royal family, high government officials and visiting dignitaries to Qatar. (high lighted Yellow in the picture illustrated above.)

Apron Information
In addition, Hamad Intl’ hosts 2 magnificent parallel runways, located 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) from each other, designed for simultaneous take-offs and landings. The first is 4,850 m × 60 m (15,910 ft × 200 ft) and is considered to be the longest runway in Western Asia & in the world. The second runway is 4,250 m × 60 m (13,940 ft × 200 ft). These runways are switched/alternated depending on the wind conditions over the adjacent Arabian Gulf.

Below table gives you a better detailed scheme of the runways-

16L/34R 4,850 m (15,910 ft) 60m (200 ft) Operational
16R/34L 4,250 m (13,940 ft) 60m (200 ft) Operational

Chart Information
Procedures Into Hamad Intl’ such as SIDs and STARs are present for all runways. Click here to learn more about the procedures. Want to learn more about the Qatari Airspace in detail? Click here!

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