Your Guide to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

I will never do a rick roll the link is to a song deep in the heart of Texas

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They stopped construction because of corona. Supposed to be complete in 2025.

@anon74260613 not a rickroll can confirm

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Alright hope it is completed in 2025 or 2026.

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Ok it checks out 😂

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Just finished controlling DFW Approach and Departure successfully using a realistic setup (13R, 18L, 17C and 17L for landings).

It worked out really nicely! I have to say, Fort Worth is an amazing airport to work with.


Well this comes in handy, may this be pinned until 0600Z tomorrow? 😂

I think it should actually for the day. The people are gonna need it. The rush will begin soon!

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Hey, @DeerCrusher - in relation to this comment - if I wanted to make a tutorial on Jepp charts, I wouldn’t be able to show the pictures of the charts because they’re not public use data (even if I found them online as a PDF on Google)? Just wanted to confirm.

Bumping this as DFW is a featured airport tomorrow!

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Bro… this is like one of the most rare occurrences. Idk if it’s happened before, but they’re actually doing it.


Oh my god. I want to go spot that so bad but I can’t since I have pre-planned events.

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Bump since DFW is featured today!

They opened up some More AA D gates (D1- D4) and 18R/36L is back open!