Your Guide to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

A Guide to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Hello, everyone! With DFW being featured tomorrow, I’d like to give y’all this tutorial as an overview of how this massive airport works. With 7 runways, things can get a little confusing - so here it is!

Image via FAA charts



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Terminal A

Terminal A is used solely by American Airlines. This terminal handles mostly domestic flights, with the occasional flight to international destinations in one of the few widebody gates.

Terminal B

Terminal B is used solely by American Eagle. It handles regional destinations and a handful of international services. Aircraft used at this terminal range from the E140 to the E175.

Terminal C

Terminal C is used solely by American Airlines. Much like Terminal A, it handles domestic and international service, however it does not serve widebody aircraft.

Terminal D - International Terminal

Terminal D is used by the vast majority of American Airlines’ heavy aircraft and long haul services. The terminal is also used by:

  • Aeroméxico Connect [E190]
  • Air France [A330-200, sub A350-900 or something]
  • Avianca El Salvador [A319, A320]
  • British Airways [787-10]
  • Emirates [777-300ER]
  • Interjet [A320]
  • Japan Airlines [787-9]
  • Korean Air [787-9, sub 777-200ER]
  • Lufthansa [A330-300]
  • Qantas [A380-800]
  • Qatar Airways [A350-1000, sub A350-900]
  • Sun Country Airlines [737-800]
  • Viva Aerobus [A320]
  • Volaris [A320, sub A319]

All International airlines use the south end of the Terminal.

Note: Qantas uses D16X ONLY. It is the only capable gate of handling the A380 IRL.

Terminal E

Terminal E is used by American Airlines and most US domestic carriers:

  • Air Canada Express [CRJ-900, E175]
  • Alaska Airlines [737-800, 737-900]
  • Delta Air Lines [A220, A319, A321]
  • Frontier Airlines [A320]
  • jetBlue [A320]
  • Spirit Airlines [A320, A321]
  • United Airlines [E175, A319, A320, 737-800]

Cargo Terminal

The Cargo ramp is used by all cargo airlines besides UPS and FedEx.

  • AeroLogic [777F to Frankfurt]
  • Air Bridge Cargo [747-8 to Liège]
  • Air China Cargo [777F to Anchorage]
  • Cargolux [747-8 to Chicago O’Hare and Luxembourg City]
  • Cathay Pacific Cargo [747-8 to Anchorage and Los Angeles]
  • EVA Air Cargo [777F to Anchorage]
  • Korean Air Cargo [777F to Atlanta and Anchorage]
  • Qatar Airways Cargo [777F to Luxembourg City]


The UPS ramp is located west of the 18R threshold.


The FedEx ramp is located east of the 17C threshold.

Corporate Aviation Terminal

The Corporate Aviation Terminal is located west of the 17R threshold and serves C208s to business jets.



13L is almost never used unless it is very windy and the wind is blowing in this direction.


13R is used for arrivals only. Aircraft up to the size of a 777-300ER can land on this runway.


31L is used for departures only. Used in conjunction with 18L and 17R in high traffic situations.


31R is nearly never used as well. Sometimes GA flights will land on this runway if the weather allows it.


This runway is currently closed for construction. Please only use this runway if the traffic demands it. Most international heavies use this runway for arrivals.


This runway is used for departures only. All aircraft can utilize this runway.


This runway is used for departures only. All aircraft can utilize this runway.


This runway is used for arrivals only. When exiting 17C, all aircraft exit LEFT and taxi around the bottom of the airport. 35C can exit left or right.


This runway is used for arrivals only. Aircraft up to a 747 can utilize this runway.

Thanks for viewing this tutorial! Please use these procedures to effectively manage the flow of traffic tomorrow, whenever DFW is featured next, or when you’re just passing by!

Dallas natives, if I am forgetting something, feel free to point it out and I will change it.


Wow! Nice job! looks like it took some time

Great Tutorial!

DFW is one of my event coming up. so i will be sure to use it!

I know I’m going to be a pain when I say this but can you include the actual source link to the chart please? FAA Charts are one of the few charts that we permit due to them being public use data for those who are curious. All other charts from Navigraph, Jeppesen, ForeFlight, etc. are not as they require subscriptions. Everything else is good. 😁

Wow! This is so detailed but also easy to read and looks like it took a long time

If im not mistaken, im pretty sure Terminal D houses some AA domestic flights for departures and arrivals

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That is correct. Arrived there today from my flight from PHX

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767s (could) depart out of Terminal C when they were still flying:

If you’re trying to go fully realistic, you wouldn’t use American’s 767s now, but Terminal C’s an option if you use the 767.

Nice tutorial Altaria! I’ll certainly use this for tomorrow!

Very cool! It’s always interesting to see info about other airports.
Are they still planning on Terminal F since COVID?

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This is where the image takes me see “source”

Construction has been temporarily put on hold

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Thanks for this guide! I’ll make sure I use it whenever flying into Dallas in the future!


Thanks @Altaria55! I always love guides that include runway usage. I’ll be sure to use a realistic runway set up when I control later today!

I’ll let you know what runways are in use lol

Makes sense why the taxis are always a day and a half tho

Pretty soon I believe Terminal F is going to be built. Will be for American Airlines only I think.

This airport is 👏👏👏👏 Deep in the heart of Texas every time I think of Texas that song comes up

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