Your Greatest Aviation Moment

My greatest moment was serving as a member of CIVIL AIR PATROL. I sat in the rear of a C130 with about 20 other cadets with the hatch opened while participating in a funeral for a colonel. We did a low fly-by then shot straight up into the heaven. Though each of us were strapped down, we leaned 45 degrees towards the open hatch. An adrenaline rush I haven’t felt since!


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so far is solo, but I am going to win more and larger. I am going to win so much and make those who think I can’t tired of see me win.

This has been a pretty crazy journey so far. Studying aerospace engineering at MIT has a lot of ups and downs. But last summer I ended up in New Zealand for an aeroacoustics internship. I emailed some people on the South Island and ended up getting to fly gliders in the mountains for a week. The glider I flew actually set the national altitude record at FL350 so that was a highlight for me:

On the way back to New York I was on QR921 from NZAA to OTHH which was another surreal experience:

But I agree with op, nothing beats passing a checkride! As soon as I got my PPL I took my brother (who now happens to work in the 1 wtc) and a friend down the Hudson corridor via the route inside the class B. If you’re ever in the northeast I can’t recommend this flight enough (just watch out for the Trump tower TFR, it wasn’t there when I went). The controllers are super nice, so definitely go through the NY class B.

On a different note, I was at Everett with the aerospace department in January and saw A7-BER, a brand new 77W for QA in final production. While studying for finals last spring I saw it fly over Boston on its first trip to JFK. Highly motivating to see it come full circle:

We also went into Northrop’s B-2 hangar but there were no pictures :/

I really appreciate op creating this topic as it’s made me reflect on a lot of the opportunities I’ve been given over the past several years. As tough as things get, looking back I can’t help but feel extremely lucky for all of this.

In February I’m flying in a T-38 which should definitely top the list for me:

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That’s awesome

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