Your Greatest Aviation Moment

Hello IFC,
Aviation can be a very rewarding job, hobby, and experience to many people and there is not quite anything like aviation. So today, i am wondering what is your greatest aviation moment whether it be taking your first flight lesson, or riding on an airplane that you wish to fly one day, let me know in the replies below.

I think my greatest aviation moment so far as to be when i passed my private pilot checkride and was know a pilot after all my hard work and determination to do it at a young age. However, I think that this might slighty get beat in a few days when I have a big cross country plan.


Landing alive while flying Ryanair.


I had a feeling someone was going to say something about RyanAir


This has to be my definitely as well!


My greatest aviation moment, was flying on the A380 the first time.

When I walked up to the gate to get ready to board and saw that majestic beast parked at the gate, I knew that I was in for a treat.

Also, when I first flew on a CRJ from KIAH - KHRL, after talking about wanting to fly on a CRJ for ages.

Thats awesome. Has much as i dont like the airplane, i do think it would be cool to fly on.


Being able to help out the FA’s on a recent flight, it helps that one of my mums friends is an FA who knows i’m becoming an FA. So she thought she’d let me have a hand at it


On a United Airlines flight in First Class from Tokyo to Honolulu, while my mom working on that flight as an FA.
I also got the chance to see the crew bunk.


Once when I was a kid I was asked whenever I wanted to enter the cockpit in a small regional plane I said no. 🥶.

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is said->I said

Tell me about it mate, I use to do the exact same thing!

yeah, one time i was on a flight dublin-gatwick and that landing at gatwick was the worst

After flying gliders for a few years now, I finally got around to completing my first cross-country flight this summer.

For those who are unfamiliar with soaring, a good day where I’m from includes puffy cumulus clouds marking the tops of thermals up to 6,000-9,000 feet MSL. This day, thermals were forecast to barely go up to 4,000 feet, and there wasn’t a cloud in sight to give visual cues as to where they might be.

I pick a point about 50 nautical miles to the north-west (flying into the wind over terrain I was familiar with), got my equipment ready and took off. I landed 20 minutes later and decided to try again. This time, I was lucky to find a thermal over the airfield and climb to about 4,000 feet before it topped out. This is only a little more than 2,000 feet above my airport, and about 3,000 above the floors of most of the surrounding valleys, but I know I’m not gonna get higher so I set out.

With no clouds, I have to rely on ground references and luck, and I manage to stumble into enough thermals to make it to my turnpoint (and was very lucky to avoid landing in a field on at least one occasion). This is the completion of my goal, but if I want to avoid a long wait for a retrieval and being the butt of some jokes, I have to get back. If getting to my turnpoint was tough, getting back was brutal. On the way out, I had flown by climbing a thermal, picking a field I knew I could make it to, and flying towards it until I got another climb. The way back was characterized by being tricked into thinking I found lift, and then turning only to be lucky to maintain altitude, followed by a harrowing glide until I scraped together 400 feet in the next thermal. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Eventually, I made it to a small GA airport about 3/4 of the way home. Ahead of me was a town with no landing options, some fields, and then my home airport. To go ahead, or play it safe at this GA strip? Luckily, I found the strongest, highest thermal of the day just before I had to choose, taking my up to my high-point of 4,200 feet MSL and, more importantly, within gliding range of a safe pattern at my home airport. I managed to bump through some more lift on this last glide before making a safe landing, but that moment when I knew I didn’t have to fight for any more altitude and that I could get home safely is one that will be enshrined in my memory forever.


Taking the first step and joining the Air Force is so far my greatest moment. Hopefully that’ll change in the next year or 2 when I get my PPL and eventually Officer rank. Then it’ll be Fighters or Cargo for me.


My greatest moment is most definitely landing the Cherokee the first time. That was amazing!


Nothing beats my first flight. I wrote an English paper about it, nothing can beat the feeling of massive self accomplishment after successfully taking off, cruising, and landing like that flight. Here’s a quote from my paper.

The speed climbed up and before I knew it, was at 55 knots, I remembered what I was told and gradually pulled back on the yoke until we left the ground.
The feeling of slight weightlessness, the sound of the engine, the crystal clear view as we blasted past, that was when I knew this was going to be my career.
This flight defined my passion, this flight changed my life.

Mine was when I got to go up in my dream plane the C182. But it might get beat by my Nashville flight training camp this summer.

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When I (almost) landed a virtual A380

I am not in flight school (although I want to be and beg everyday), so my best IF aviation moment was my first cross-ocean (let me know if there is a word for this) and coming into decent I noticed how strong the winds were, but I buttered my landing in the strongest winds I have flown in