Your graphics settings (Nexus 6)

So I’ve been playing for a while now and I’m wondering if anybody with a Nexus 6 has some tips on how to get more juice out of it to play this game. I’m rooted and I’m willing to try anything. These are my settings: image
I also have Airplane count on high and no airplane dots just names on. I do fine as of now in high traffic areas, but I try going any higher than this and I get huge FPS drops

EDIT 1: I’m going to try to clear the cache and see if that helps

EDIT 2: Cleared Cache and I’m now running everything maxed except water, guess I’ll clear cache daily now xD

I don’t know if the title is misleading but I couldn’t think of anything else.

I’m using 5s and my settings are on Very High for the airplane and High on other things, with airplane counts on medium. So far no lag whatsoever.


Weird .-. the Nexus 6 has better hardware specs

Yes, but the 5s is an Apple 🍎 product ;)📱


Which only advantage of it being Apple branded is the logo on the back, name doesn’t change the hardware inside

Yes, but the IOS is much smoother than the Android. I had an old iph 3Gs until the last 2 months. I used it everyday and it’s still working very well

I don’t think that an old android device would work as good as the 3Gs

True because it’s optimized specially for Apple’s hardware

Depends on what Android Device, but let’s not argue about this, this is Infinite Flight not Infinite OS xD

Correct 😂😂

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Btw, do you know Laura’s display name?

No I don’t :/

Roehsoft ram expander is a great tool for root users.

iOS have better single core performance than Android. IF uses multiple cores for certain things but not enough. Also some Android devices have higher display resolution than iOS so it might cause issues (you can now lower your resolution without affecting quality too much).
So even if your Android device have better specs on paper, it might still be slower than iOS. iOS devices are better balanced in general (so far, from experience)


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