Your Goals for Infinite Flight

What are your goals for yourself in Infinite Flight and/or the IFC? Whether it’s becoming a Grade 5, an IFATC, a regular on the forum, or even mastering the CRJ! Let us know what you are trying to accomplish in Infinite Flight!

(Please try to keep your goals realistic and within a realistic timespan)

My current goals are to become a Grade 5 pilot and to complete Radar Training to be an IFATC Officer! What are your goals?

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My goal is to entertain and provide for the community through my VA, Great Lakes Virtual Airways. We’re very inclusive and I’m working with my HR Manager to get events rolling out soon! <3


One of my goals is to help as many people as I can with ATC. As I’m an IFATC Trainer and ATCEG administrator, you can always reach out to me.

Another one of my goals is to master the 787 while landing. That plane is always all over the place!!


General is fine and I think this will serve as great encouragement for aspiring pilots and controllers.

I have a few goals I would like to share:

  • Fly more with the community (Flash Flights as of late are a great platform for this)
  • Would really love to see more participation in community wide events outside of Friday Night Flights. The #live:events section has some really well composed events from fellow community members.
  • Would like to see our community flourish even more and try to foster more growth from the Official Instagram page and Facebook account.

Thanks for reading! Happy Landings ;)

PS- Never ever stop learning and mastering a craft and never give up on hopes and dreams!

  • Grade 5
  • Flying with more variety (More unique planes, outside of the US more, etc…)
  • I dont know if this counts but getting the AAVA Instagram to 1,000 Followers

Here are my goals

  • Become grade 5

  • Become IFATC

  • Master the TBM (when it comes out)


Mine is to eventually become IFATC


Honestly, I think I’ve met all the goals I could have ever imagined. I’m an IFATC Officer, a regular on the forum and a former VARB admin. I’d like to think I’m a respected member here, so I feel that anything else I get is simply a bonus :). Thanks to all of you for helping and supporting me as I’ve achieved these.


Ever since Global I’ve always wanted to achieve some goals:

  • Group Flights with Users. (My personal favorite)
  • More GA Flights (actually flying over Switzerland with the C208 right now)
  • Participate in more events. (A lot are very interesting)

I feel as if all of these help me engage more with the community in many ways and it’s simply amazing to fly with people just like me. :)


Don’t just limit yourself to the 787. Lord knows you need to work on your landings in every plane in the sim ;)

@Dillon_Lewis you too :/


To continue to grow the ATC Education Group so that I can continue create better opportunities for training for those who are aspiring to become IFATC. Really my only goal! Also, never stop learning. :)


Have the TBM and more G/A Aircraft


I’ve reached most of my goals… Time to settle down now to focus on the things that I enjoy doing!

Cam and Misha can tell you my next goal… lol

Thanks to everyone who helped me achieve the goals that I have succeeded…
Especially Tyler_Shelton, Sam_K, DeerCrusher, MishaCamp, Cameron and Laura <3


One of my goals is to keep meeting members of the community in person. I’ve said it before…I’ll say it again…all of the people I’ve met near where I live, coming through town or at FS Expo have been amazing. It’s nice to meet other adults who share Infinite Flight as a hobby. Also makes me feel a little better knowing I’m not the only old person who enjoys this sim…

In game, I’d like to be a part of more group flights and events…

Group flights are fun (was part of a flight of 7 today that was so great) but tough to put together as I am still wanting to be my own boss (no VA association).

Events are tough as well because they are typically held at the worst times for a working family man.

Good topic. Looking forward to reading what others post.


I do not even know if I am allowed to write here… I have flown a lot of solo flight and just started live and I am a 68 year old in fear… there is so much to learn and know… my goal is to take it all in and understand all the terms and Alfa codes and not to look like a fool in the process! Every click shows me I know nothing and yet I know light will one day shine and all will make sense… I HOPE


Your goal is to be FDS staff :)


I’ve got quite a few:

  • Become an IFATC and climb its ranks (I’m currently shy of it, being afraid to mess up and all.)

  • Become more involved in contributing to the sim and the community itself (airport editing, VARB, helping out in the community, maybe beta)

  • Meet more members of the community IRL

  • Help my IFAE Guys grow their team and make the Expert Server a better place for ATC’s and pilots alike.

Not to mention, I’d like to thank this community for making some of my goals come true, whether temporary or long lasting.


My goal was to find a serious and interesting virtual airline… and I finaly find one! But I am not sure if I can say wich one it is here! 😊

I’ll be Grade 4 in 50 landings… so grade 5?



I enjoy this simulator as it is a nice release from the day to day stress of corporate America. I have always preferred to fly on larger aircraft in the real world and thus am drawn to them on IF.


Honestly I’m pretty happy about where I’m at. Long time forum regular, settled in at BAVA. I don’t wish to become IFATC but getting the beta would be nice 😜😉