Your Flight schedules on IF

So I was just wondering how does youre flight schedules work on IF.?I usually do mixed flights with British airways so every week has 2 international flights and one domestic flight or changes to more international one week and more domestic one week.
Week one.
Heathrow/Los Angeles ( Long Haul flight)777-200ER
Off day -( don’t fly on these days use these days to prepare my next flights)
Heathrow/Frankfurt (short haul flight)A320-200
Off day
Heathrow/Dubai (medium long haul)777-200ER
Off day

Was wondering if you guys also make schedules like this and how does it look like?


Nope no schedules. I kind of know what I’m gonna do the next day like what hubs I will fly to or what hubs I will control.

Well I usually do a long haul every night, after I wake up I do a 2-8 hour flight, then a nother long haul… it varies. I fly 24/7

I don’t. I’m always scared my game will crash although it rarely does

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I don’t have a schedule especially, I take off from the airport I last landed at.

Domestic means within one country. 😉

I mean the EU is close enough to one country. No passport needed

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Ive got school till Friday but this is my schedule for this weekend:

Saturday 4th:

0700-0815: Doha (OTHH) - Kuwait (OKBK): Qatar Airways A319-100: QR9987/QTR9987
0815-0930: Kuwait (OKBK) - Doha (OTHH): Qatar Airways A319-100: QR9034/QTR9034
0945-1115: Doha (OTHH) - Muscat (OOMS): Qatar Airways A350-900: QR9043/QTR9043
1145-1315: Muscat (OOMS) - Doha (OTHH): Qatar Airways A350-900: QR9280/QTR9280
1330-1730: Doha (OTHH) - Istanbul (LTFM): Qatar Airways 777-300ER (One World): QR239/QTR239
1730-2000: Istanbul (LTFM) - Zurich (LSZH): Turkish AIrlines A321-200: TK1907/THY1907
2345-0730(+1) : Zurich (LSZH) - Nairobi (HKJK): SWISS A330-300: LX294/SWR294

Sunday 5th:
0730-0900: Nairobi (HKJK) - Bujumbura (HBBA): Kenya Airways 737-800: KQ9407/KQA9407
0900-1030: Bujumbura (HBBA) - Nairobi (HKJK): Kenya Airways 737-800: KQ9473/KQA9473
1045-1315: Nairobi (HKJK) - Harare (FVRG): Kenya Airways 737-800: KQ9716/KQA9716
1315-1545: Harare (FVRG) - Nairobi (HKJK): Kenya Airways 737-800: KQ9968/KQA9968
1545-1645: Nairobi (HKJK) - Zanzibar (HTZA): Kenya Airways 737-800: KQ9448/KQA9448
1645-1745: Zanzibar (HTZA) - Nairobi (HKJK): Kenya Airways 737-800: KQ9750/KQA9750
1900-1945: Nairobi (HKJK) - Mombasa (HKMO): Kenya Airways 737-800: KQ9074/KQA9074
1945-2030: Mombasa (HKMO) - Nairobi (HKJK): Kenya Airways 737-800: KQ9858/KQA9858
2100-???: Nairobi (HKJK) - MONHUB (???): FA/FR24/FC Specified Aircraft & Livery: FA/FR24/FC Specified Callsign

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Usually I do some controlling, medium and short haul during the day, then do long hauls at night.

Yeah but an example of domestic would be EGLL-EGPH. 🇬🇧 and 🇩🇪 are different countries.

To Frankfurt isn’t domestic. It is actually international because EGLL and EDDF are in separate countries.

To answer your question, I use Google Calendar to schedule flight. Yesterday, I did a 4 sector day between
Stansted - Carcassone - Stansted - Eindhoven - Stansted.
Today, flying from
Stansted - Fuerteventura- Stansted

I really like the idea of staying realistic and scheduling flights. Glad others do it too!

Every month I make a flight schedule. I will tell you mine for July

Week 1: Mixed


Tuesday LAX-DXB

Wednesday OAK-SEA-KLAX

Thursday Day Off


Saturday SEA-NRT

Sunday Day Off

Week 2: Short hauls in North America



Wednesday FLL-MCO-ATL

Thursday JFK-STL-DEN

Friday Day Off

Saturday MIA-ATL-DFW

Sunday Day Off

Week 3:Medium Hauls

Monday Day Off

Tuesday EGLL-JFK

Wednesday HNL-SFO

Thursday Day Off


Friday FNF

Saturday MMX-SFO

Sunday MIA-SEA

Week 4: Long Hauls (get 3 breaks)

Monday SFO-SYD

Tuesday Day Off

Wednesday NRT-DCA

Thursday- Day off


Saturday Day Off

Sunday DXB-MMX

Do you mind if I copy some of these? They look great!


Wow… I can’t believe people actually have schedules for their flights! While I literally just do flights whenever I want to 😂

Hi to all!

I try to do 2-3 short flights (1-3 hours) per day with an Iberia A319 bassed in Madrid.

I take the plane where I left it.

Yesterday I flew LEMD to LEXJ
Today I´ll fly from LEXJ to LEMD and then I´ll try to do LEMD - LPPR.
Tomorrow LPPR-LEMD and Wednesday at lunch time LEMD-LLBG so when I arrive at home I can land the airplane.

I´ll come back to fly long haul at night but it´s no my target now.



By all means go ahead…

I’d just fly whatever I feel like flying.

I have no schedule. I do be sittin’ there and be like “oi let’s do a flight. where should I go? oh this looks fun” and spend 30 minutes trying to make everything as realistic as possible.

I always fly to the schedule. My flight schedule goes like this:

COVID day (Wednesday-Sunday), and weekends

  • 6pm-3am > 11am - Overnight Long Haul

  • Anytime 11am-7pm / 8pm-1am Variable Controlling

  • 12pm > 9pm-2am - Either multiple short hauls, or 1-2 long hauls.

School day:

  • 9pm-12am > 7-8am - Overnight Long Haul

  • 8am > 3pm-6pm Long Haul during School

  • 3pm > 6pm Controlling depending on long haul landing time

  • 3pm-6pm > 9pm-12am medium haul

I basically fly and/or control all day. I enjoy every second of it! I generally plan 2-3 flights ahead so I don’t waste time on the ground researching another route, in case I’m late.

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