Your Flight Experience in IF

Hi Infinite Flight Community! I came up with the idea of ONE thread in which you can post…

  • Your Flying Experience (busy airports, your special flight route etc.)
  • Say “Thank you” to ATC/pilot’s for doing a god job.
  • Ask for Tips and Tricks in IF.

If you guys don’t like the idea Mods can delete this thread.

Well recently, I’ve started to look into logging more hours so I’ve done some really long flights:

Amsterdam-Charleroi (South Brussels?)-Düsseldorf-Brussels-Eindhoven-Amsterdam.

Apologies if I messed up the name of a city.

The Omni Int’l 777-200ER handled like a dream. I got up to cruising altitude very fast (22k, 16k, and 10k depending on flight length) in order to allow for a very brief meal/snack service 😉.

777 is a very solid aircraft-Would recommend to anyone.

So today I flew an extraordinary long route so I can finally make use of the max ceiling altitide of the A330. I don’t know if you guys have this but this flight was so satisfying. Starting our Flight in the morning in crowded KNUC, climbing to FL410, watching the IF world from above. I also managed to perfectly start my descent into KSAN. I didn’t have to use a much greater V/S of -2000ft/min. Tower let me enter straight in RWY27 and landed extremely smooth (as always :D) on Rwy 27 on sunset. Everything was just perfect. Tell me about your flying experience!image


KJFK Canarsie approach!


I was out there planespotting this morning!

Anyways just a side note for some folks out there who like to “keep it real” (Realism):

  1. Runway 13L is used for arrivals. I rarely see a departure out of 13L. The runway is shorter than its counterpart so is used for landings.

  2. Runway 13R is used for departures. The longer runway could better be used for takeoffs. Occasionally if there is a huge glut of planes coming into JFK, 13R is used for landings, but only a handful land on 13R.

My Air France B772 at the gate, waiting for pushback.

It eventually got airborne and took me over 50 minutes to reach KNUC from KPSP!

Nice man you live in NY as well? Wow cool I live up by Albany smaller airport though😔