Your first love (Airplane wise)

So I looked and couldn’t find another thread about this and I thought why not? So what was the first airplane you fell in love with as an AvGeek?

For me it was the BA 747-4 in real life but in a flight sim it was the KLM 738 in X-Plane

Southwest 738. The first plane I’ve ever flown in and the last plane I’ve flown on (As of now)

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Never flown southwest but love the 738 any day

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Southwest is my favorite airline. I’ve flown with them for almost all my flights. Of course I’ve flown on Delta, United, etc. but Southwest is my favorite so far 😂

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I’ll wait to reboot this when I get to TL2

tui 787 or 737

Westjet 737 first plane and last plane (as of now)

B77W first plane I have ever been in in irl
In IF it was the 737-700 because when I first started pre-global I didn’t have pro and just practiced approaches at ksfo

In real life, I didn’t really care what plane it was. I just loved all of them. When I first joined IF, it was the American Airlines 77W

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