Your first live flight

Huh, newcomers.

My first flight was on US Server 2, KHAF in a 737.

This was the first day Live released.


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Cessna 208 patterns at KHAF with @JeebakR just 2 - 3 days after Live was out!


The day live was realeased! I remember seeing the update and being quite excited for it.

The flight was a 737-800 in SoCal. KSAN-KLAX.

At that point I had Live Monthly, so it was pretty much the only region I would fly.


Mine was a pattern at Mönchengladbach (EDLN) with a Cessna Citation X

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My first live flight was Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600. From Los Angeles airport on runway 25L.


Mine was in a 737 from Air Berlin i managed to start from a litle airport and tried to land at san francisco but landed on an occupied runway because i was on the false channelk and i had not seen that someone was starting

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I was in a Cessna 208 and I took off from Hawthorne Municipal Airport.

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My first flight was in an E175 at Half Moon Bay to San Francisco. Then I rescinded I’d never go back to half moon bay because it was too crowded. Now if I’m in San Francisco Region i normally start from San Francisco International or Palo Alto.

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Mine was in a Airbus A321 from KLAX to KSAN SoCal. Ran with the A321 for the first couple days cause I was having trouble landing so I used the AAPR

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One of the US servers, probably in SFO or SoCal regions. No idea what plane or airport.

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I cant remember where my first flight on live was but its probably in SoCal. I cant remember what aircraft either but being in free flight i was trying to do things as realistic as possible and i had many crashes. I didnt feel any stress, i just felt stupid.

When i was at playground, i was scared for my first flight because there was alot of people there, also in SoCal. I pretty much sent every ATC command to whoever was running tower or ground just to see what the option does.

Only midway i was introduced to this forum where i started learning how to fly much more properly,I made sure i had no violations. But also spent a good time on ATC out of interest for becoming an ATC in real life.

When i was confident, i went for my first flight on advanced, boy that was scary. I didnt want to get ghosted for mistakes and if i did i really dont know how i would have felt. I remembered facing crosswind on taking off and not being trained for that my aircraft basically started yawing strongly to the left and i went into the grass where i frantically tried to lift my nose up due to my 35kts ground speed violation warning (i didnt get a violation though). My heart was pounding and my hands were shivering and cold.

In that process i almost stalled my aircraft so it started plummeting soon after taking off, with abit of unrealistic flying i gained control of my aircraft. On landing, if i remembered correctly, there was a 5/6kts crosswind, i think i slammed right into the ground and bounced but with abit of luck landed quite close to the centre of the runway.

It ended without me getting ghosted so i guess thats good. Pretty much tried my best to summarize my maiden flights on IF live for freeflight, PG and Advanced.


Delta 737-900er at HAF I think.

Crazy s___t


CCX at HAF I think, when I follow instructions no one else does… Sigh

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It’s actually a C750. :P

Shhhh Blame Matt for making IF say CCX

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Matt, I blame you!


Two words:
I failed

I studied atc commands and other important stuff but i should have studied more. I guess I plunged into a new world without really knowing everything that i should have known.

Live was released when I was on holiday in Istanbul. Once I got home I bought my subscription and popped up at KHAF with a 737: I got automatically disconnected inflight after getting a couple of violations.

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You made a mistake? :o