Your First Flight Experience Stories!

Good evening/morning everybody! I wanted to make this thread asking you what you’re stories are about the very first time you’ve been on a plane, or stories that you’ve heard about other people’s experiences!

My first flight was when I was five. On takeoff our rotation freaked me out, I mean like I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. We were flying to New York for Orlando, and it scared the hell out of me! The next flight, my mom went to the pilots and asked the pilots (upon my request) to not rotate that much. They promised they wouldn’t which made me not as scared, but I’m pretty sure it was the same.

Let us know you’re stories! I’m sure they are interesting!


My first flight was when I was 18months old, it was a little over 2 years after 9/11 so airfare was pretty cheap. The trip was LAX-LHR On British Airways aboard the 747. This was not only my first flight, but it was also my first time on a 747, first time going to Europe, and First time on a long haul flight. Ironically, my sisters first Long haul was also on LAX-LHR last year.


My first flight was when I was like 1yr old
I don’t remember anything it was onboard NWA 744 From Detroit to Nagoya Japan,first time I met my grandparents
First ULH
First Flight to Asia
First flight over pacific

744 is special as it was the first plane I took and is how I met my grandparents in japan 🇯🇵


My first flight was I believe when I was less than a year old. From Boise to Lax. Naturally I dont remember a thing.


Wow, what coincidence with you and you’re sister!

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I think that may the case a few people.

You mean @Daniel14?
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I intended it for both actually.

My one was when I saw around 2 months old and I flew an old Lufthansa 747-400 from Bangkok (BKK) to Kuala Lumpur (KUL). I cried during the whole taxi and take-off. But it was a smooth flight as to what my mom told me.


I was around 10 months old and my Dad flew me to Norway to visit people. All I know is that I slept the whole way.


BA B747-400 from LHR to JNB when I was a couple of months old.

Sounds like what I did on my first flight 😂


Lufthansa operated that route?
Seems weird

It was a busy route then. But it’s true

Same ,these days I don’t sleep at all idkw

My first flight experience, (This is my first memorable flight)…It was a nice summer day of 2009. I was 5 years old and It was going to be my first International Flight. I remember I was flying a Continental 737-800 from ANU to EWR. It was my first time flying the iconic 737. I was travelling with my Mom, Dad, and Older Sister. I was sitting in the window seat. Next to my dad who is also a major avgeek (It kinda runs in the family). On Takeoff, I remember being the small child I was, fly back all the way into my seat (Yes I had the seatbelt on, I was just stretching to see the wing.) We had a steady climb, but I felt like My insides were becoming my outsides because it was also my first time on a turbofan. We had a very enjoyable cruise, but I cant remember that much of it. Finally, our descent into Newark started and fear kicked down my brains door yelling “WERE GONNA CRASH!” I didn’t say it out loud because my dad didn’t seem concerned about anything, and I trusted my dad a lot so I sat in my seat pale as if I saw a ghost (As to what my dad tells me). My fear knocked me out for most of our descent until we were on final. But my fear was instantly driven away by my curiosity to why the Flaps were moving and why I am seeing cars and houses. We eventually touched down. The Pilots Buttering the Bread, but the reversers kicked in then I felt like I was being thrown around like a toddlers rag doll, with my seatbelt preventing me from faceplanting into the chair ahead of me.

I was totally impressed by this flight and would definitely do it again.


If we are talking about our very first flights…Then I would consider it to be EGLL to TAPA on a Virgin Atlantic B747-400. I was about 6 months in the womb. I was definitely alive so it was my unofficial first flight.


My first flight was when I was eight on a Virgin Blue (now Virgin Australia) E190 from Coffs Harbour to Sydney. I don’t remember much but it was a very smooth flight. More recently I flew from Honolulu to Sydney with Qantas on their A330-300. The service was amazing, so were the seats and legroom. Anyways, I’m loving your stories btw!

My first was when I was 4 years old on a JetStar (Australia) flight from Melbourne to Sunshine Coast on the A320, at that point I was confused and I didn’t know where I am and I was like that for the whole two hours till we landed


I first flew when I was about 3 months old so not many memories from them 😂.

Flight: Singapore to Hong Kong (WSSS-VHHH)
Aircraft: a330-300
Airline: Cathay Pacific

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I’m not sure exactly but I was <12mo. old, most likely on an NWA A320 from KSAN -> KDTW