Your Feedback is important! YYC Air Canada CRJ-900 Edit

Hello you beautiful people! I have edited this really stupid photo that I took while spotting at my home airport, guess it. So I want you lovely people to roast me on how bad it is, including you famous spotters. I am kidding, but Feedback is important, and I love improving in my photos.

So what do you think?

Also RIP Bombardier CRJ, Died by a horrific name change


nice photo. very nice.

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Nice. just looks a bit out of focus. :)


Shhhhhhh, nothing.

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cracks knuckles

just kidding

It’s a great edit! I like the contrast between the sky and the plane! It looks like city light reflection on the clods, great job!

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Was the photo edited or just a photo

You know us have to edit.

Ya, I see, Did you edit the sky or was it actually like that

Kind of. It focused mainly on the aircraft, and when editing the plane, it usually kills the sky, which kills me. So it edited for it not to die and me not die.

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Lovely photo. Looks like you’ve overdone the black point and the saturation and the sharpness though, that’s why it’s gone grainy. May I ask what camera you use?

You gotta fix up the color noise and noise next time as well as sharpening it up. I think it may have been slightly out of focus as well. Maybe a 16:9 crop too instead of 2:3.

This has a strong @Etrain vibe to it.

You want to be roasted with feedback, huh?

Out of focus, grainy, colors don’t quite match up, horizontal stabilizer is cut off.

Otherwise, it’s alright.


Can’t fix that, sadly.

There is a lot of both noise and color noise, the horiz stabilizer is cut (which I assume you can’t change), the photo is blurry and out of focus (which you can’t change), it’s very soft (which you can’t change), a little bit low in frame and too far right in frame. Not a fan of the demonic sky but if that’s your style I’ll leave alone.

Band together and call it CRJ

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Other way around >:)

Sony A6000 with 55-210 lens.

It gets the job done.

I don’t have to tell you where this is at haha, but there’s a lot to fix.

The sky is overdone and you can see through the pixels that are shown. If the lighting was like that in real life the tint of the landscape would be different, so it makes this look unbalanced. The grain is also really bad, but any more noise reduction and you’d lose a ton of the remaining detail, so this wasn’t a good photo to try a heavy edit on in the first place.

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Yes Sir.


I tend to only shoot canon these days but I used to have a Sony α6 and I found that I would only get the results I wanted if I stuck to centre-weighted metering, so try that. Don’t be so aggressive when you edit your photos, it’s all in the composition. Think about your shots, plan them, and take multiple of the same scene so you have a lot to choose from. If you want any tips in the future shoot over a PM and I’ll be happy to help (:

I just began, so that really helps. Started back in Jan 2020, with only non-edits until slowly working my way up on edits between March or April. I can’t really take more photos at the moment due to COVID, and I don’t have a drivers license, so for me spotting it’s like once in a blue moon. I really do appreciate the help or roasting if you like to call it. If I want to upgrade, it will be until I go spotting more often to pay off the cost of owning and putting time, then I will upgrade.

Thank you for help everybody, stay healthy!