Your favourite 'Third Party Project' for IF

Hey all! First off I’d like to give a massive thanks to @DipperDolphin for giving me this list of Third party projects, you can find the list here:

Third party projects for IF | Database

So, most of us know at least one 3rd party project for IF, my personal favourite being @epaga’s IFAssistant.

Here’s a poll to make it easier to vote and show an average:

  • IF Checklists - Adrien
  • IF-Charts - Giacomo Lawrance
  • VirtualCheck - Dragos and VirtualFlight
  • In-Flight Assistant - John Goering
  • LiveFlight Connect - Cameron Carmichael Alonso
  • Remote Cockpit App - Nicolas Barthe-Dejean
  • IFATC Helper - Alexei Gudimenko
  • LiveFlight - Cameron Carmichael Alonso
  • Infinite Tracker - Val
  • FlightCast -Jason Rosewell
  • IF News - Alex H
  • Infinite Passengers - Luqman Hussain

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I forgot to add ‘Infinite Pilots’ and ‘VirtualHub’ , since I cannot make a new poll please comment down below if it’s your favourite.

Give a reason or 2 why you like that project, for example, inflight assistant is easy to use and has a lot of features.

Sorry if I’m missing a few options, I just based it off @DipperDolphin’s topic:
Third party projects for IF | Database

And here’s a link to every option:
IF Checklists
IF Charts
LiveFlight Connect
Remote Cockpit App
IFATC Helper
Infinite Passengers

Thanks for checking this out,
Cheers - Wombat


Lovely and well said post!

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Where’s Infinite Pilots?

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Wow! I just checked it out! Awesome app, this is what Ive been waiting IF to do, Thanks! Awesome - it even comes with a copilot view 😱


obviously @epaga IF assistant.

I believe this is the most useful and helpful in many ways. I can even probably write a paragraph on how good it is.


It is too hard to choose.
LiveFlight or Flightcast.


They are both great!

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You forgot virtualhub

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Sorry about that 😬🙃😶

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I’m stuck between LiveFlight and IF Assistant

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@Aussie_Wombat I usually hate posts like this, but this is really well done. Nice job.

I can’t fault liveflight, It’s in another world. Brilliant tool and now app.


i think Virtual hub is the best!

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The only reason I didn’t vote for LiveFlight is because you can’t do much, especially when you haven’t subscribed to horizon. In my opinion, the subscription is very expensive and you barely get anything for your money so in that case, to me, it is there most basic app I have.

Most of them are really good, I particularly like FlightCast and Infinite-tracker.

Might be a bit bias but …

I’d say VirtualHub ☺️

Seriously though @epaga IF-Assistant is probably my favourite . At lease until the head tracking app comes out !

P.S- I can’t even find most of these apps.

Also @Aussie_Wombat you didn’t add a link to virtualhub’s topic ☺️

VirtualHub - Android App - #66 by Dragos

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Sorry to hear you feel that way - LiveFlight started off as a flight tracker, and all flight tracking features have always been (and will always be) free. Horizon brings many extras which are particularly useful if you are a hardcore IF player.

I just released an update for the web versions with loads of new icons and flight status info - all this for free, despite the hundreds of man hours that has gone into it. I’d love to offer everything for free, but I also have to sustain my costs :)


I felt the same way but as I got better at IF I realised the need for Live Flight and it’s an essential addition to IF for me now. Thanks Cameron for creating something that improves the flying experience on IF dramatically and for the continued updates.


Thanks @chatta290, appreciate the kind words!