Your Favourite Plane

What are users most favourite plane to fly and why? I would be very interested to know what are the planes on Infinite Flight users enjoy flying the most?

My personal favourite is the Cessna 208.

My favorite one is the “Triple 7”. I think that the Boeing 777 is very stable flying at its cruise speed and even at its max recommended speed (mach .85). Another feature I love about the 777 is that the wheel configuration is very good at handling hard landings because of its three axles wheel system. Also, the engines are really powerful, they provide a quick and easy aceleration and rough thrust when needed. The cockpit, even though is not useful, is beautiful. I look forward to having a fully working cockpit someday of my Boeing 777.


i prefer the Caravan to Steve it reminds me of a “Porter” which is the best light STOL in the world. Max Sends

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My personal favorites are the 767 and 777, they are beautiful and very powerful planes.

The DC-9. It has a VERY powerful engine roar and once it takes off, you can hear its engines until it is about 2 1/2 miles away!

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Mine would have to be B777…rather stable under most conditions

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This one:


For some reason I’m prefer the B787-8 or B737 MAX
-“If it ain’t Boeing I’m not going!”

Short hops: Cessna 208 Caravan
Regional/Higher Density Ops: Boeing 737-800
Medium-Sized Long-Haul: Boeing 767-300
Whalejets: Boeing 747-200/-400/-8/VC-25/SOFIA

Best, Boeing707

Cessna 208 and the Super Decathlon

nice picture

I love the Boeing 737-800. I always have. For lighter aircraft I love the Cesna 208. The classic 777 and 747 are also great!

My favourite is either the 737-700 or the 747-400

I’m the A388 boy because I was born on the EXACT date, year and month.

Favourite for GA would be the sr22 but overall 777-300ER, I still like airbus though.

I like the Boeing 777-300ER…but, do like the Cessna Citation X


Love the a330 and the 777. Going off topic here but I have a problem with the 747 and 737 classic series, they have the WORST saftey record ever. Haters come at me.

Like the 787-9

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