Your favourite european low cost airline!

I know these aren’t all but here are 3 of the biggest low-cost carriers in Europe. I’m interested to see you guys favourite. Mine is Norwegian because of a new and nice fleet, a beautiful livery and good service and value for money!

  • Ryanair
  • EasyJet
  • Norwegian

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I would definitely add Eurowings, as they fleet is growing enormous and they have a big range of routes.



they provide a wide range of services.

short haul (A319 and A320 and just recently even Dash 8 Q400) to long haul (A330 and A340)

and different classes, from basic low cost even to business class with the same type of business seats Lufthansa uses.

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Ryanair all the way.


I don’t tend to fly low-costers but I’ve been on Ryanair and easyJet, and easyJet is by far better than Ryanair. I hate Ryanair’s yellow interior; makes everything look cheap. The staff also wasn’t very professional on my flight, their uniform was dirty and whenever I asked to buy the food they reacted as if they were doing me a favour bringing me the menu…

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I think that Ryanair is seriously cheap, and they cut corners in every single aspect. The pilots and flight attendants that work for Ryanair are paid quite badly as compared to other airlines.

I like WOW. It’s something about them that I just like.

What about jet2 there a budget airline?

I really like norwegian. I have never had a bad experienced with this airline. They have a nice cabin and good service and many destinations around the world for a good price.

I would like to travel with easyjet. Just to see how it is. From august they will start operating daily from Oslo to Berlin Tegel. Maybe I should take a trip.

Easyjet all the way. On my trip to Iceland they gave out free bacon rools :) yum…yum 🥓🍞

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