Your favourite aviation sounds

Feel free to post your favourite aviation sounds here.
3 of mine for example:-

  1. GE90 Spool up
  2. RB-211 Start up
  3. APU Start up

CFM-56 spooling down

Airbus A220 whale sound on low power

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Maybe A400M start up sound for me 🤔🤔

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If this is about real world aviation sounds and not IF it should be in #real-world-aviation I think

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Spoiler on the future of this thread:

But actually questions like are not allowed after summer IFC refresh, even is it is in general rather than real world aviation



A350 sounds for me personally! I even made a feature request on it a few minutes ago 😁

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why is that?

  1. A220 whale sound (best engine sound there is)
  2. The PTU sound of airbus planes
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oh yeah…for sure…

Misha explains it here:

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I like APU start up sounds

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but this is general…i think that is for rwa…

If you post a RWA topic in general that still applies

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