Your favorite YouTube trip report channel

Ok guys, I’m completely bored and I want to know, who do you guys think makes the best trip reports. I personally believe paul’s Trip reports, Sanspotter, and flightexperience make the best video. Just because i asked the question doesn’t mean you should say I do… unless you mean it and i would be flattered lol.

I don’t watch trip report channels.

Dennis bunik travels, Sam chui, and nonstopdan

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I think this topic would fit perfectly into this already-created one : Favourite Aviation Youtubers Part 2

its not a trip report channel but the guys at big jet tv are just amazing!

Please consider using @MrMrMan’s link for future topics like this. But just for the sake of replying, my favorites are:

  • Sam Chui
  • Jeb Brooks
  • QFS Aviation
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