Your Favorite Time of Flying [POLL]

Personally, I absolutely love waking up and going straight to Infinite Flight. Lots of people are on, you’re tired, and it’s just so relaxing! What’s your favorite time to fly?

  • Wake Up Flights
  • Morning Flights
  • Afternoon Flights
  • Night Flights
  • Past Midnight Flights
  • Going to Sleep Flights

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I love flights where you can actually see the runway when you land.


Lmao. 😂

Not Infinite Flight night time flights. I meant the time of day IRL.


I love flying right before I sleep. It extends my bedtime because my mum always lets me finish a flight before I do something, unless I just started. I also went to an event at 7 in the morning without my parents knowing, and went straight back to bed afterwards.

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No, I mean you could see the airport, the land around you. LMAO when you thought that 😂😂

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Lucky you. My mom always forces me to go to sleep at 12 because I have work in the morning. 😒

Well, if I wake up early, I have to go to sleep early.


I rarely go to bed past 12, except this one time where I went to an event at 2am. Anyway let’s get back on topic.

I was up till 2 AM finishing my vocabulary words! LMAO! 😂😂

#Anyway, back on topic!

If any of you guys wake up a 4 something in the morning that’s the perfect time to fly.

I follow real time so…

If its morning where I am

I set the time in IF to morning

if afternoon i set to after noon in IF

I only do that sometimes when theres a event i really want to attend =p

So far ive only gone to 1. But its refreshing to fly so early in the morning especially on a voiced ATC flight.

When I wake Advanced is empty :(


I love to fly while sleeping…

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