Your favorite Mountain Routes

Hey all,

Looking for your favorite/most challenging mountain routes/schedules! I just flew this one and am looking forward to more:


Anything into Queenstown, NZ on 05. Don’t even follow any STARs, just do a normal approach as if there were nothing around you. It gets pretty close some places ;)


My favorite is Denver, KDEN to Aspen Pitkin, KASE.
Roaring Fork visual rwy 15


My favorite is KLAX-PHNL, DAL1719, B757-200. The aproch isnt very mountainous, but it has mountains, and it looks beautiful.

Tegucigalpa (MHTG) is fantastic, along with Quito (SEQM), Cuzco (SPZO), Bogota (SKBO), Cali(SKCL) Mexico City (MMMX), Oaxaca (MMOX), Aspen (KASE), Eagle (KEGE), Steamboat Springs (KHDN/KSBS), Gunnison (KGUC), Castlegar (CYCG), Bella Coola (CYBD), Mammoth Lakes (KMMH), Big Bear City (L35), Palm Springs (KPSP), Flagstaff (KFLG) Telluride (KTEX), Jackson Hole (KJAC), Sun Valley (KSUN), Bozeman (KBZN), Innsbruck (LOWI), Florence (LIRQ)
Those are just some of my top picks (mostly lesser known airports with great arrivals and departures)


Thanks so much!!!

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Venice/Nice-Zurich or Geneva (especially arriving from or departing to the East) can be very stunning.

Samedan in Switzerland is also very stunningly located inside the Alps, from real life pictures I have seen, but I have never tried it out in real life.

Any route that is going into Lukla… 😀

Also, follow the STARs into MHTG (Toncontín).

Kathmandu to Paro is a nice route and also Vienna to Innsbruck.


Those are my TOP favourite routes!

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