Your favorite airline

There are many airlines in the world, and now you have to tell me what your favorite airline is. The my favorite is kulula airline Because it has beautiful liveries and very funny!!!

Austrian Airlines because of the high standard

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It’s very beautiful

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Is this for IF or the real world? If it’s for the real world it should be posted in the #real-world-aviation category but your not TL2 (Member) yet so just keep liking, posting, being active and following the guidelines and you will be there in no time.

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So until I’m a memberI won’t be able to publish any new topics in the real world aviation???

Yes that is correct.

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So that’s why I didn’t get real world aviation!!! 😮

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I love Emirates… Their plane livery’s are amazing and there quality is great as well

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Air New Zealand

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fav airlines Turkish airlines and Qatar airways ! 🇹🇷🇶🇦 Also Singapore 🇸🇬

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Many know mine, ANA! Superior service and quality and it’s Japanese. Want to go on biz with them so bad. Also, best liveries out there.

I like volaris and South🅱️est

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