Your favorite airline commercials

Since the old topic is closed and there are new commercials out there it would be nice to see your favorite airline commercials 🙂

These commercials from KLM are some of my favorites:

To more memories together



Cough Cough

and a Classic ANZ

Love The Ryanair


KLM’s 100th Anniversary ad is beautiful. Seriously, who made that music?

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Because the animal is…? 😂


A Girafmingo?

Yes, indeed it is that one

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Well these ones are just some of my favourites as they are heart warming.


I do like the Mrs Shelby one quite heart warming

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When I was a child, I loved the Malév commercials.

Not because of the visual but because of the music.

Here’s one of them:

This is when Malév became part of OneWorld:

This longer version has most of their commercials as well as radio comms between ATC and the last Malév flights’ pilots. Close to the end there’s an interview with the composer of the “Malév szignál” (Malév theme song), with English subtitles:

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Continental airlines had some amazing commercials back in the 70s and 80s to promote their new Dc-10 first class. I’m unable to send a link due to me being busy at the moment but I do recommend that you look them up on YT, they’re quite entertaining to watch.

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Growing up, United’Airlines pre-merger ad campaign using the famous composer George Gershwin’s musical composition Rhapsody in Blue was simply one of the best ad campaigns out there in all of advertisement.

Starting in 1988, United used George’s Rhapsody in Blue music everywhere including in commercials, in pre-flight safety videos, and also in the Terminal 1 underground walkway at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. It would come a time that if you ever heard Rhapsody in Blue, a United Airlines commercial was playing somewhere!

Here is a playlist of 70 odd videos dating back to 1988 (some deleted or marked private) of United Airlines Rhapsody in Blue marketing campaign!

Long live the Tulip!

Kulula’s Top Gun Ad
YouTube · Justin de Reuck
Nov 17, 2010

This is my favourite

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I like ANZ’s goose commercials. KLM’s “Bluey” commercials just scares me.

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Ofcourse for me it will be Surinam Airways :-)!

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This is my favourite to date:

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Of course it is! Yorkshire pudding, tea, Great Britain.
Nice vid 🙂

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Nice to hear radio comms from the last flight 🙂 Cool that they used the old theme song in the newer commercial too.

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More Air New Zealand ones, there just so funny

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Funny vids! And a cool Kiwi 🙂

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