Your Favorite Aircrafts in Infinite Flight!

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What is your favorite aircraft in Infinite Flight?

For me is A320 & A330-900NEO because I really love their plane in Infinite Flight especially for A330-900NEO, its very aesthetic aircraft. A320 is good for me to learn what is in Airbus A320 system.

My is about to be the E175 but currently it’s the 777


My favorite aircraft is 787. It’s so sleek and modern looking!

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A330,A330neo, A220,757,TBM930

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For me it’s the 777-300ER, the A330-900, the queen (I prefer the -8 but I also really like the -200) and finally the A380.

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A320 and A220

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My favorite is 757.

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A320. So easy to butter.

It’s pretty easy. The funnest for me is the short bus 319.
Just a fun little plane to fly! Quirky and temperamental like the CRJ’s but more fun!🤪
It’s siblings are also easy to fly.
In the big ones, that’s tough. The Princess (787) is just an easy elegant craft to fly even without a functioning flight deck.
The McDonnell DC & MD’s. Once mastered, there’s nothing like ‘em. Powerful, fast as sin and just a joy.
And lastly, the Matriarch of the Boeing fleet. The 747. Even with its odd flight dynamics, if setup right in the SIM it fly’s itself and can butter second only to the A350. Try doing a three pointer in a 747. That’s when you know you are one with her!

Probably the 737-800 due to its medium size and able to fly quite a long distance!

Mine is the A330 family (updated ones), B77W, A359, and a220.

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Don’t have any solid favorites but I love the 737, 757, TBM and A-10. Fun aircraft to fly!

The F-22 Raptor is the only plane in IF capable of flipping mid-air. You already know what I’m with. Heheh


my favorite aircraft is B77W and B787

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