Your Favorite Aircraft & Location for Pattern Work?

What’s your favourite aircraft and place to fly patterns?

Mine is C172 at KONT.

Conintued of closed post.

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Probably Carribean Airlines 737-800 (738) at Sydney (YSSY) or Moruya (YMRY)


Spitfire at PHDH

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C208 at KSEA

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C208 at TFFC and C130 at KTPA

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A318 at TNCM or 777F at YSSY.

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The boeing 777-300 at FMEE

C208 at FL40 or 2IS

737-700 bbj anywhere

Somehow I love to use B787s on my patterns…

On smaller airports, I use A319 Mostly

Moruya is one nice airport

Super decathlon


172 or Cirrus at KSNA or Saba


Alaska Airlines Q400 at KNUC and Delta 787 at PHNL

My favorite aircraft is the Cessna 208 and any field with an either north/south or east/west facing runway is ideal for me. If I had to pick one however…Hmmmm…I’d say Tijuana.

Any GA aircraft at a smaller airfield in Venice, Florida. An interesting yet forgettable fact about this airfield is that it was used as training for a few of the terrorist who piloted aircraft on 9/11. I fly here only because my wife’s childhood/family home is located directly below the approach to RW 33, and when visiting I’m able to constantly spot smaller aircraft just before landing as it seems to be a very busy airport for its size.

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Definitely the spitfire!

KSNA and spitfire

Cirrus at KVCV

Cessna 208 at KNUC (when there isn’t much traffic) or KPSP 31R