Your Favorite 737 Livery.


With the new and Great 737 update out I am wondering what yalls favorite livery is. Comment below.

Favorite livery w/ the new split scimitar winglets?
Favorite livery w/ the new split scimitar winglets?

Southwest Airlines-gold


New Alaska livery.


More to love? Or white with blue tail?


The blue livery


Ok. I like the more ro love more.


SAS 737-7 and Kulula! Easily the best ones added to the sim in my opinion. The new KLM and Tui is great as well


I have to just go with my favorite airline United.


Hand’s Down Southwest Heart Livery on the 737-800!


My favourite livery is the Virgin Australia livery. It is such a wonderful livery.


I can’t decide between Arik Air or the American Airlines old livery. They are just too beautiful!


The TWA-American merger livery is my favorite 737 livery in real life and in Infinite Flight.


Desert Gold SWA


Definitely the more to love livery. But I was literally so happy when they added the American Astrojet livery. I love retro liveries!


Ryanair! Of course


The 2016 Alaska livery on the 737-900 is just 😍


Virgin Australia and Fiji Airways


Definitely the Southwest, Alaska, and last but certainly not least the retro Americans ! All in all I love them all ! Wow what an update!


I haven’t downloaded the new update yet (As I’ll resubscribe my Pro later this evening). But it seems Egyptair livery is a bomb! Would be nice to fly it on Egyptian skies soon! 😍

The Horus livery is just awesome!


Either Old American Airlines livery or the Astrojet livery.