Your fastest speed


Mine is 1500 KIAS in an F-22

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I hope this was on free flight server 😬


I hope you were on Free Flight.
@GolferRyan ahaha you beat me to it.


Two weeks before speed restrictions on Advanced, I got to Mach 1 1/4. This was before speed restrictions.

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You are at 10100ft…

In real life your probably dead talk about the G’s on a nose dive on that speed and structural damage on your aircraft haha…

This was before speed restrictions applied, for the third time.

I think it was 1,300-1,350 knots. I don’t remember the exact number for sure except that I topped out somewhere in the low 1,300 knot range and the plane began shaking violently and I eventually crashed.

I’ve tried since then and never did much better than 1,300 kts. :/

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No, what I mean is that you can be as fast as you want when you’re above 10000ft…

1100 KTS IN an F18

Not anymore. It’s been in affect for nearly a month.

Somewhere around 1600 knots KIAS in the F-22 after a dive from FL600.

Oh… Sorry!

In the A321 I got around 700 KIAS in a dive and in a fighter it was probably 1600 KIAS in a nose dive.

I did mach 1.15 in the 747-8 once. I couldn’t believe it!

On Freeflight, going from PHNL to PHTO I left the plane on autopilot and went downstairs for a cup of tea. I must have left the throttle on maximum.
When I got back upstairs it was at mach 1.15, and still accelerating.

What a beast!

i was on free flight server

I have done about 1100 Kts in an F14

I actually converted my maxed knots speed to Mach and it was a little less than what the game said, so I went with that. Oh…it’s also 5:55am and I’m a bit bored 😂 Forgive the crudeness…it was all done on the iPad.