Your Experience with SAS

Hi. I’ll be flying SAS soon & would like to know a bit about it. From what I know I’m a bit conserned. Can someone whose flown with them please tell me about them & what they are like?


My dad flew it a few times the past 2 years. He said it’s service you’d expect from any other ordinary airline :)


Are you going to be flying SAS long haul or short haul?


Long-haul. I’m hopeing for an A340

Flown long haul with them a bunch. Are you going to be in economy?


I think @emil has flown with them a few times

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Where are you flying with them? Where have you heard to be concerned? And why would you be concerned? :)

SAS is great!

I think @emil and @Henrik are fans of SAS. You should ask them! ;)

a) What route are you flying?
b) What aircraft is operating your flight?

They also operate the A319 and CRJ-900, as well as own/part own/lease ATR 42s and ATR 72s.

However they do not operate the MD-80, MD-90 or Fokker 50 anymore.

  1. No free picking my seat
  2. No free checked bag
  3. Food isn’t free (source: SeatGuru)

Incorrect. SAS does not have any MD80/90s not Fokkers. However they do have a bunch of CRJs and ATRs operated by Cimber, Cityjet and jettime on behalf of SAS


I know. @AtomicHerbster4 told me that.

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Correct. If you fly SAS Go Light. Go Light is basically SAS’s answer to the low cost carriers, where you pay for nothing but your ticket.
On SAS GO which is economy class. You get one free bag (23kg) and free choice of seat when checking in (which can be done 22 hours before departure)
You don’t get free food on many European airlines anymore.

SAS Go Light is not available on all of SAS’s routes.

Guys. Please make sure to fact check yourself before posting, it gives confusion to the person asking the question.

Oh. On Long Haul you get a meal with drinks. Multiple refills during the flights and a snack before landing. (On CPH-EWR) on longer flights I would imagine you’d get another meal.

IMO SAS is the best on transatlantic flights from Europe to America.

SAS is an airline. Case. Closed.

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But so is Ryanair, and you can’t compare them.

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I’m sorry, that was supposed to be sarcasm.

Lol yeah I was just kidding

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