Your Dream Friday Night Flight?

If u could choose the next FNF where would it be and why ? Also I have notice during some FNF’s the server (advanced server) one FNF there would be a lot of planes attending the flight and then another FNF there was not a lot of flights… Has anybody else notice this ?

*Friday :)

And I would make it a F-22 1 lap circuit race when Global comes :D

A realistic FNF with a lot less restrictions. Just some normal hours of multiplayer where nobody flies Cebu Pacific A319s, ANA Dash 8s or Hawaiian 717s in the Amsterdam region. Realistic liveries and planes only. That would be insane, just a single time.


The very first global flight FNF.

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I would make it so a bunch of planes in the A320 family show up and we do the tightest formation ever all around the globe.

Lufthansa 748 event at EDDL to commemorate them being the first passenger operator of the -8i. It would be the Friday closest to the delivery date of their first one.

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Just like @BavariaAVIATION said, I would have everyone fly in realsitic liveries in their respective locations


KSAN would be my choice starting airport, and KPSP would be the airport to go to. Might be a challenge.

Maybe this isnt a FNF but a vatsim-like Cross The Pond would be awesome.

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