Your dessert is served

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I lied, I have some more photos from you, all from the same flight as the last topic. Consider it the dessert course.

Bon appetite

Fun Fact

Details in case your looking for them :
Thomas Cook B767-300
Flight time: 8 hours

Did you know?
In 1962, the United States detonated a nuclear bomb in space. The test, known as Starfish Prime, was conducted 400 kilometers (about 250 miles) above the Pacific Ocean and resulted in an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that knocked out streetlights and disrupted communications in Hawaii, nearly 1,500 kilometers (about 900 miles) away. This test demonstrated the dramatic effects of nuclear explosions in space and their potential impact on modern electronics and communications.

Shots taken at Manchester Airport (EGCC)

Dramatic stare down with Ryanair after hard landing.

Uh oh, Ryanair wants to throw hands. Que dramatic circling.

Taken at Princess Juliana (TNCM)

This shot, except just taken in the day time.

A spotters view from the beach.

Frontier ground crew snaps a money shot

Mr American’s engines scream the sound of freedom. Raaaahhh

A scenic airport shot to close the topic

That’s all, thanks for viewing!
Hope you enjoyed.

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Ok now this is purely good. I think i’m full.

Great work, the day light landing photo is genuinely amazing


I’m not a big dessert fan as I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but this was too good to give up. Respect to you for flying the B763 in IF given its current state.


Bro didn’t just cook… Bro freaking Chef’ed the photos 🗣️🗣️🤌🤌


Exquisite photos, chef Ramsey👨‍🍳

Im not full yet

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Thanks! Glad you liked it!

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It’s not too bad of a plane in the end, no cockpit view or gear tilt, but they’ve updated the models, and refreshed all the legacy planes, so they at least look the renewed part. Honestly, I’d fly it again, it was fun, easy to grease the landing as well. Thanks for viewing!

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Glad you liked them! Appreciate it!

@if.vhhh, love it, thanks!! Guess I’m going to have to open a restaurant then. 👀
Serve more dishes


I love these photos! Especially the 4th one

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Bro cooked and then served dessert 🔥


What cooking school did you join and when was it? I need more meals loke that!

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