Your.dailyaviation's ATC Tracking Tread - [OPEN) @ RCTP

Hello everyone welcome to my tracking thread. I am currently working towards IFATC and to get some extra practice I am creating this thread. Feel free to stop by when my airport is open!



RUNWAY: 23R & 23L



@DJSunfire @TaipeiGuru @FN60fps @flynnwlsn @canton


Tag me aswell!

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will do sir!!

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im open rn

I won’t be able to make it, but in the future sessions will do!!

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Feel free to tag me next time you open.

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Will do sir!!

Hey there!

Good luck with your training and IFATC process…

You can tag me as well for your future sessions

See ya!

Would love to help, you can tag me in

@BT_HANDLES @canton @Quincey @J-F_V

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Feedback (G-USMN)

No issues except your response was too slow. Try give commands as early as possible to reduce your workload and do not wait for pilots to report positions. Preferably give commands when aircraft is on Crosswind leg or early Downwind.

Same goes for sequencing: give it as early as possible to reduce your workload and for pilot ease.

Keep up a good work!

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Feedback (HS-AHS)

  • Runway exit command came a bit late, I was at around 30 knots. Keep in mind that this command should be sent at around 60-80 knots.

Overall, nice job!
Thanks for having me, I would have stayed more, but something popped up. If you’re still open later, I’ll stop by :)

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Session 1 ^

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Session 2

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I’ll be joining

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Heyy! @sonar not sure what happened, maybe you left.

But your transition altitude was great! >OK-LOL

@Quincey @BT_HANDLES @ThePotato @J-F_V @canton @Usman_A

My game lagged out respawn if you would like

I don’t have a lot of time, so I’ll just depart

I’ll say sequence was great and all but always allow aircrafts to follow their fpl to the extent like the inbound aircraft requesting runway 23L and you gave 23R , except the runway is not in use by you or no landings on that runway or you have. Busy airspace and all that or if the person is requesting the opposite end of the runway lol but yeah , eventually he had to ask for change in runway which you approved so all was nice ,
Transition was also great as well . Nice one

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Sorry, not much time, had to depart.
Feedback (HS-ASB)

  • I wasn’t remaining in the pattern, I used “departing west” in my ready for departure. Still, you told me to make right traffic. Always keep aircraft requests in mind, don’t fall into a habit of giving out the commands you’re most used to.
  • I requested a departure, which you approved, yet you sequenced me as though I was in the pattern right after (?)
  • Frequency change was late, I had to request.

Thanks for having me, sorry I couldn’t stay longer!

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