Your Convenient Airport Guide to Huntsville International Airport! (KHSV)

Your Convenient Guide to Huntsville International Airport! (KHSV)

A fairly underrated airport in the world of Infinite Flight, Huntsville International Airport, commonly known as HSV, is a surprisingly large airport considering its fairly small size. With a small but unique main terminal and a fairly large cargo terminal, this airport is large and small at the same time! So sit back, grab your coke and popcorn, and enjoy the ride!

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Main Terminal


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Main Terminal

Huntsville’s main terminal is located on the northern side of the field, with plenty of gates suitable for planes from the A321 down to the regional jets. This terminal features all commercial arrivals into the airport.

Cargo Terminal

Our cargo terminal is located on the eastern side of the field, with gates suitable up to the Boeing 748 Freighters. This terminal is home to the airport’s only international flights.


HSV features two runways and two basic configurations. Both runways are suitable for almost every aircraft in the modern skies and are located on opposite sides of the complex.

Runway 18R/36L

Runway 18R/36L is the more frequently used runway at the airport. At around 12,600 feet long, this runway is just a few hundred feet shorter than runway 9/27 at KMIA - allowing for almost every aircraft in the sky to land on it.

Runway 18L/36R

Although only 10,000ft long, this runway is still conveniently usable by most aircraft in the sky. Although not as frequently used as Runway 18R/36L, it is still necessary for proper procedures.

Instrument Procedures

SIDs (Standard Instrument Departures)

Just Like Chicago or Philadelphia, KHSV does not have specified SID charts, using a vector system to a specified set of waypoints around the airport, rather than specified paths out of the airport in each direction. It is known as the Huntsville Four SID.

STARs (Standard Terminal Arrivals)

As KHSV is not a critical airport like KATL or KBNA, KHSV does not have STAR charts.

IAPs (Instrument Approach Procedures)

All four runway ends at the airport have ILS systems. Runway 18R is also Category II ILS Certified. There are also RNAV (GPS) charts for all four runway ends. However, there are no RNAV (RNP) or VOR approaches at KHSV. The landmarks around KHSV allow for easy visual approach creation.

In closing, KHSV is conveniently located between Decatur and Huntsville, AL and is one of my three home airports. KHSV is open to planes of all shapes and sizes and is waiting for you on Infinite Flight as we speak.

I hope you all found educational value out of this guide; so be sure to stick around for more airport guides from Gtmkm98!


Amazing guide! Never knew about this airport before, definitely have to check it out.

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