Your Comprehensive Guide to KJFK - FNF Edition

John F. Kennedy Intl. AIrport - A Comprhensive Guide

As we all know, JFK is featured as an FNF hub today, so I thought I would make a comprehensive guide for when you fly in and out of JFK. I’ll keep things short and sweet so that you don’t have to scroll through a wall of text to find what you’re looking for.

Ground Procedures

Winds will most likely be favoring the 22s/31s for the entire FNF, so the most efficient layout will be the following: 22R/31L shortened for departures and 22L/22R for arrivals. This is used to maximize efficiency by reducing the number of runway crossings and intersecting runways. 31L shortened is used by aircraft no larger than a 757/A321, taking off before the 22R intersection. 22R is used by heavy aircraft for landing, as 22L may not be long enough. 31R is not used as it is to short for takeoff for before the intersection.

Refer to the following diagram for departure aircraft: The blue circle is for 31L and the red for 22R. This is to keep the taxiways free of congestion for arriving aircraft.


Departure Procedures

31L departures:
All departures make an immediate left-hand turn after takeoff to CRI to avoid other airspace. For simplicities sake, follow your SID after the initial turn(IRL they would provide radar vectors to the initial fix).


22R departures:
Make a left turn after takeoff after reaching the blue area to follow either red path to your initial fix. This is to deconflict with 31L departures.


Arrival Procedures

All JFK STARs have vectors to final, meaning you can’t go directly from your arrival to approach in some cases.

STARs arriving from blue area:
STARs arriving from yellow area:
STARs arriving from green area:
STARs arriving from red area:

Any and all ATC instructions take priority over any information in this topic.


Helpful and useful information to know! Thanks Guxk!

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Taking the Cameron 4 (my name) arrival tomorrow from St Maartin. Thanks for the awesome guide! I’ll be looking at it!

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Very comprehensive and guideful!

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It isn’t a guide on KORD so I unapprove (jk). Very nicely done Guxk, cannot wait to see you control these wonderful skies tomorrow (and the rest of the team of course).


Thanks for the tips! Luckily, I have the right STAR so it’s good!

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JFK is open for business folks

Very useful. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to giving us this handy guide!

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@guxk is busy controlling currently, but he asked me to also clarify that two of the arrivals end with the JFK VOR (PARCH3 and ROBER2). This may seem confusing to some especially when adding an approach to the end of said arrivals.

They add the VOR to the procedure as a way of saying “continue inbound,” but the ‘expect radar vectors’ note (example below) just means that they’re going to break you off of the star before you get there and give you specific vectors to intercept


I’ll likely fly into JFK later on. Nice work on the planning.

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thank you!

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To add on, you can expect A LOT of radar vectors and a tour of Brooklyn if you are flying the LENDY6 arrival since you’d be at FL190 around 20 miles from the airport.


Additionally if the usage of SIDs are required, do we have to file the DEEZZ/SKORR SID for all departures to the west? Can we file GAYEL/COATE as our first waypoint like what most flights do in real life?

Very nice!

When I looked at all the STARS for JFK I don’t think Infinite Flight automatically puts in FL190 for Lendy
So pilots most likely won’t follow this unfortunately ☹️

You can manually put FL190 at LENDY and request vectors all the way down, but Approach won’t be too happy about it. On the charts, it is stated that pilots should expect to cross LENDY at FL190 although this could be varied.

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Great to see this! As a JFK lover it’s exciting to see some realism at JFK!

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I’ve seen some heavy aircraft e.g AA105(a 77W) using 22L. So, would this runway be used by heavies at the request of pilots or all heavies will be sent to 22R non-discriminatively?

Personally, I wouldn’t mind either 22R or 22L. At the end, ATC is boss.

This is perfect! Awesome job!

Thank you for this guide! Together with the new STARs and SIDS this will hopefully help to have an enjoyable FMF for everyone. Thanks for sharing!