Your biggest screw up operationally in if

We all have those days when flying is the last thing we should be doing. That was yesterday evening. @ 3400 AGL on final approach into KBUR Bob Hope airport in a Boeing 737-700. Not being familiar with the area around the approach to 08 at Bob Hope airport I pulled a united into Denver though not the same cause. It was my magic thumb that turned off vertical speed on the AP and the recovery from the stall being roughly 8.5nm from KBUR near Van Nuys airport I am now a smoking hole in the ground hopefully not near a playground. Before I could recover it was too late. What is everyone biggest operational oopsie moment, don’t fib by saying your perfect all the time. As we all have at least one incident while flying real world or on IF. I could write a book on all my near disasters while flying in the real world. That is the great thing with simulators you can live and write about them, not always the case.


I was once flying from Dublin to Vancouver, I was about to descend, well a few NM away from the TOD so I turn on the vnav, it was late at night so I was like,
I’m going to set an alarm and sleep for a bit.

That alarm didn’t wake me up and I got 2 or 3 overspeed violations and got kicked out of the live server.

from that day I realised that, don’t keep your vnav on while away or a sleep


Think I might have told this story before, but probably the time I had been having fun in a fighter jet, seeing if I can land it with the controls reversed (as in pitching up sends the nose down, banking left sends the plane right, etc). 1. No I couldn’t. 2. I never switched it back again. So the next day I take off in an airliner, Vr comes and goes and I can’t pull up. End up flying off the end of the runway. That’s why you check the controls first 😂


Reminds me early in my career in maintenance work on 727 is obviously and we got a photos from the other side of the company another division the company lower level that with the 757 that had a little bit of a oopsia landing pilot RJ pilot I’ve heard he was thinking he was a crj 700 I want to say I don’t remember exactly it was almost 20 something years ago now but he tried to land the 757 the same way you’re landing RJ it’s to say he wrote off at 757-500 believe it was yeah that broke the airframe in half pretty much bent it I should say I don’t have the pictures any longer unfortunately cuz it’s not computers long been dead they have those emails and those pictures on it was a company email which I don’t work for the company no longer so I lost access to my email.


I can second that, because

well do i have a quite the story on that….

I will fly with a joystick sometimes. I for whatever reason will occasionally have all the axis inverted when i hook it up and connect, and if I have autopilot enabled while I move the axis it doesn’t show it in the controls settings page. Remember that. So what can go wrong when I don’t check the controls on the ground and make sure they’re correct? Well, on the fateful day I found out what happens. For reference, I was in a 737-800 at KEUG.

Taxiing out was normal, the rudder and throttle axis were correct. Now when I gave it takeoff thrust, everything was going as I expected. I pull up and it refused to pull up. Running out of runway, i didn’t think i could stop, so I increased the trim to pull up that way. Once in the air i enabled to autopilot to let it do the flying.

After a few minutes of unplugging and replugging the joystick back in, as well as restarting mapconnect (i don’t think it’s mapconnect’s fault as this has happened a few other times in other sims), I went into IF’s settings and saw that it recognized the axis and all the buttons, but when i went to move the pitch axis the bar that shows how far it’s moving didn’t do anything (the autopilot was enabled). I was like “oh yeah that’s right, i can’t do that with the autopilot enabled” and i went to disengage the autopilot to then go check. With the airspeed and trim the way they were the plane didn’t start pitching up or down suddenly, so in the couple of seconds from disengaging the autopilot and going back to settings I suspected nothing. I checked the controls and the pitch and the roll was inverted. After correcting that, i hit the back arrow to go back to the pause screen to see me diving nearly straight down. Checking the controls actually moved them in flight, moving my plane to a nose down position.

Now it wasn’t that dramatic or some cinematic save from a crash narrowly missing the ground, skimming the trees, but i pulled up with ~3,000ft to spare and carried on.

Now if you ever see me around at airports in any sim, and assuming i am flying with a joystick, once i get my engines running you will see me go through the rudder, roll and pitch controls before taxiing and sometimes even a second time before takeoff.


I was flying from Frankfurt to Paris on an a350 and the approach told me to descend to 180 feet I think and lower the speed to 170 knots I almost stalled multiple times and I was using Infinite passengers and I was getting pull-up alarms all the way. This lasted about 4 minutes.


I once misunderstood a hold short command from atc as a clear to cross command…… it was at Heathrow while someone was landing rip.

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I’m always checking my controls in any flight for realism

Was on QRA duty last night on the casual server, reports of an A333 flying at FL285 with its landing gear down, had to intercept of course to make sure it wasn’t a cry for help.

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I was flying touch and goes in a a380 and landed to empty some fuel, but then re entered the runway and got a level 3 and a 60 day ban from IFATC

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How long ago is this? I had somebody do that to me at Heathrow a couple months ago or maybe less I don’t remember exactly when now. I probably was in the a330 Neo that’s where it’s mainly flying at the point at that time

Yep I used to do that I do that every so often with the Tomcat though not a fan of the Raptor. Every so often I need to blow a little steam off I’ll hop in the Tomcat take off you have Max unrestricted climb to as high as I can take it. Last time I reached well over 100,000 ft altitude and tail slid about 60,000 ft back down till I finally got some control back and it took another 30-40,000 ft to regain full control, when I realized that I could not force it into a flat spin. Those days I’m in test pilot mode I just want to see what I can do with the airplane and what it won’t let me do fortunately I asked for allow me to do a flat spin unfortunately.