Your best aviation jokes

Hi guys! So, this is the thread to share ur favourite aviation jokes! They can be good, cheesy, cringy, and even so bad their good!

I’ll go first;
Why did the 747 refuse to fly?
It woke up with a bad altitude!

Enjoy guys!

Love the joke but please see a post from the IFC Moderation Team as to why topics like these aren’t permitted:


Ah, I’m very sorry

Don’t be sorry. This is the Infinite Flight Community after all and community ideas and engagement is what runs this forum!

The issues that were brought up by Chris in that topic linked above is why this topic isn’t allowed. It’s just not feasible to run a thread like this without continuous flags and arguments. Continue to come up with awesome thread ideas though (like this one) and post them (as long as its not a duplicate and its not against any IFC rules/guidelines). Have a great day!


Thanks @Balloonchaser