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So how I began my simulator experience ending up till IF. So my first ever simulator game was Flight Gear 2007 it was my first download I didn’t know how to start an aircraft was n boeing 777 and I struggled to even move the plane so then I moved on to flight simulator 2004 where I really learned a lot about flying I also had IF the old version but got new device so then I had Flight Simulator X and I liked it a lot but I flown more with 2004 It was quicker. So I saw IF and wanted to download it but didn’t have money and a good device so finally a year and 6 months ago and I got started Flying IF and I’ve grown so much as a simulation pilot and it’s been such a joy and I can’t wait to grow my piloting skills on IF almost got my Grade 5 and I finally know how to start a plane after all these years of flying😂😂😂😂😂

So how did you guys start you pilot you’re net until this day😊


Mine has typically been with Infinite Flight from 2014/2015-ish* when I started to realise I had a passion for specifically aviation. Tbh I hardly remember those times. Only got a subscription in February 2019 since my parents weren’t giving out money to me at all. Infinite Flight was the first thing I paid for the day my bank account was activated 😂

Other than IF, I’ve played X-Plane 10 Mobile a few times, never really fly for joy now at all, and have been in a full A380 simulator twice. That was fun.

*I got it when I got given an Ipod Touch. I think that was on my 9th or tenth birthday.

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Hi @Randriek thanks for sharing your story. Where can I start? I’ve always had a passion for aviation, so much so that my dream it to one day become a commercial pilot. Through frequent scrolling on the iOS App Store and watching many flight simulator videos on YouTube I discovered the world of Infinite Flight. Wow! This seemed amazing! A fully fledged mobile flight simulator at my finger tips, with global, multiplayer and a wide range of smaller and wide body jets to choose from. I started just like everybody else in the craziness of casual server. I loved it right of off the bat. After discovering that real time flights were a thing that’s where my amazing journey began. I was one of the very few pilots amongst the craziness of casual server who mainly wanted realism out of my flights. I took my self to many exotic destinations to and from the usuals KLAX and EGLL, until I realised that there was life outside of these popular airports. I finally made it to grade 2 meaning I had ATC for the first time in training server, then to grade 3 where I currently am today in the midst of the expert server. To this day I still fly very regularly doing short haul, medium haul and long haul flights enjoying every minute of it. I’m still learning new things each day, as I’m still figuring out ways to implement higher levels of realism into my flying experience. I genuinely enjoy everything this simulator has to offer, especially the tight knit community within Infinite Flight. The forums are a great and safe place to seek help, learn new things, ask questions and post about personal experiences with others who share the same interests and passions as us members of this community. :)

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Well I used to play weird plane games because they were free, and for a while I had been eyeing IF on the app store, but it was 4.99$ and I was like 7 or something so I concocted a plan to ask/beg my dad for it.
It worked and I started playing in maybe 2014, it was awesome! Then global came out, same thing I thought it was too pricey but in 2018 (july) my good irl friend @john_judkins (he’s not active anymore) gave me a iTunes gift card to kick start my Global career. It was amazing, and my dad surprised me by letting me continue my sub! I have had global on and off for the past 2 years ish.
Around Christmas 2019 I got into X-plane too, so I fly XP and IF, it’s great :D

I started with Infinite Flight in 2015, used it for 1.5 years, then partially lost interest in aviation. I then tried X-Plane 11 on my MacBook (not surprisingly for a device with an iGPU, the experience was rough). I then rediscovered IF and switched to it as my primary sim. I still sometimes play XP, but IF is the sim I ‘grew up’ with so I will always stay with it! It truly is the mobile sim with the most features and of course the best community!

I am planning on using MSFS on the desktop when it comes out, and I am building a new PC for it and XP (Ryzen 7 3700X, 32gb RAM, RTX 3080 when it comes out)

My first sim experience was with FS2 for Commodore 64 (PC), back in the late 1980s. Then Comanche Maximum overkill (Helicopter) in the 90s. If I remember correct I had a computer with an Intel 386 processor and 2 MB Ram.

In 1992/93 I got to try the Airforce’ F-16 full motion sim.

20 years later I found IF 🙂❤️

In middle school, I started with the free mobile simulators but wasn’t very impressed by it. I saw infinite flight in either 8th grade or 9th grade and I loved the game but I didn’t buy multiplayer so I got bored pretty fast. I’ve been off an on over the years with this game but started taking it seriously this year during my freshman year of college. That’s when I joined the IFC, IFATC, IPP, and IFAE. I’m now crazy active because I have so much fun.

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