Your aviation memorabilia collection

After getting some inspiration from the

Thread (Go have a look at it), I have decided to create one for aviation memorabilia.

I’m not a moderator, but…

Please do not be critical of others’ collections! If you have more interesting stuff than anothers, don’t rub it in their face (Don’t intentionally try to be demeaning)! Conduct yourselves well please.

I’ll upload my stuff later. I’ve got to take photos of them first :)

Best, Boeing707

I currently do not have much, but here is what I have so far:

  1. US navy blue angels jet
  2. United 777-200
  3. American Airlines 777-200
  4. Lufthansa a380-800

Bump time.

Thinking of finally getting around to posting these…

Safety Cards:

Delta 717-200
Delta CRJ-900
Delta 767-300ER
United 757-200
American 757-200
American A321-200
Piedmont 737-200
Piedmont 737-300
Piedmont F-28-400
Air Koryo Tu-154
Air Koryo Tu-134
Air Koryo Tu-204
Air Koryo An-24
Air Koryo Il-62
Air Koryo Il-18

Planned Safety Cards:

Southwest 737-700
American MD-80
Some Dash 8s from Piedmont.
jetBlue A320-200


1974 (Forget month) Delta
2009 ANA and JAL
2010 Korean

Looking into investing more into timetables.

Amenity Kits:

Delta Business (Complete)
Lufthansa Premium Economy (Complete)
Delta Business (Colors In Motion/Ron Allen Scheme Pack; Bag only)
Pan Am First Class (Complete)

Additional Things:

Delta airsickness bag (Unused)
Misc. Delta Sky Magazines
Sky Mall
Misc. American Magazines
American Airlines napkin
American Airlines pillow
An addition Pan Am face towel that I picked up
American Airlines coffee stop
Misc. Delta and American tags
Continental Baggage tag
American Airlines Douglas DC-7 pre-flight checklist
Air Koryo aircraft stamps (Enlarged prints)
Air Koryo notebook
Pan Am aircraft toys
Pan Am 747-100 postcard
Pan Am paper stock
Delta Air Lines “Do Not Disturb” sticker (Old livery)
Turkish Airlines shoehorn

Airline playing deck cards:

Pan Am
American (Multiple)
Delta (Multiple)
United (Multiple)
Continental (Meatball liveries black and red)

Aircraft operating manuals:

Douglas DC-7

May have forgotten some. Will add it later.

How do you get them?

eBay, friends, flying

How would you get stuff from Air Koryo?

Connections/the internet

American Airlines Astrojet 1950s or 1960s deck of playong cards unused.

Picked up for $5.99

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I’ve got quite a collection of these things that you buy in airport gift shops. You pull them back and they shoot forward. They also make a little jet noise when you press on the beacon light. 😀


So cute Ryan :)