Your Aviation Dream

Your Aviation Related Dream

Do you have a dream that is aviation related? I’m sure most of us do! Whether it ranges from being a Pilot or ATC, to being a ramp agent or customer service agent, then let me know below!

If you want to be a Pilot or ATC, explain what airline and why or if you want to be ATC, let me know what would be your dream airport to control.

Now on to me personally…I would love to be a ATC at Melbourne International Airport (YMML)

The reason why, is because YMML is my home airport, and serves a wide range of domestic and international routes across Australia and beyond.

Let me know your dreams below!


My dreams can be pretty dark but also incredibly boring… Perhaps another time 🙂


I would like the fly the 77F for FedEx. You make a lot of money, get to fly all around the world, and hey, you can’t go wrong with the 777. Also, cargo is much easier for pilots than commercial.


Either be a Jetblue pilot or be ATC at either KJFK or KBOS because they are my 2 favorite airports and KBOS is my home airport


I think your profile picture summaries this pretty well…😂

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Work for American as a pilot.

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Haha, except it’s an MD11, but I wouldn’t mind flying that either :)

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Yeah, I know, but just flying for FedEx :)

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That would be great. What would be your dream aircraft in their fleet to fly?

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First kinda corgi to fly an b737-8M

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Hopefully they make a cargo variant of the 777X so I can fly that haha

Honestly the 757 but that will be gone before I get there so probably the 787

FedEx pilots have what is it like 10 years taken off their lifespan?

Anyway I just wanna buzz my house in an F-22 whether I’m in the Air Force or not

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That would sure, make headlines. A dog flying an aircraft!

What do you mean? @Lucas_Brien

Being an ATC at CDG

Yeah 787 is called Dreamliner for a reason! Haha 😂

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Pilot, Get my ppl and become a flight instructor at kmkl, then go work for air choice 1, then net jets, maybe, to get practice with jet powered planes, then to southwest.

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My dream is to become an airline pilot for Emirates and fly he A380. Dubai is a fantasy for me and I have always dreamed of going some time (Trying to go when I greaduate). On the way there I want to go to Metro State in Denver and get a 4 year degree in aviation. Then I want to work for piedmont or envoy and fly out of DFW for 6 years. Then I will move to Dubai and fly Emirates. The A380 serves from Auckland to LAX and everywhere in between. I want to get paid to travel.

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Too bad they’re getting rid of them for the 777X

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