Your “are you serious right now” moment in infinite flight

When I was approaching send messages in the Unicom told somebody that I was on final, he line up and waited without taking an immediate takeoff!!! When I was on the minimum attitude I decided to go around, you guess what??? After I send go around, he took off, really disgusting I can’t forgot him………


Ten character

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When you control LAX on Training Server and everyone lands on 25R instead of 25L (same for LHR with them landing on 27L!!!). Or when you tell someone to go around because of traffic entering the runway to takeoff without any clearance but they just continue to land. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Yesterday I was flying in the Baku to Dubai event.
Even though I was o the Boeing 787 I managed to Ryanair the plane in front of Dan

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I have a flight rn and my plane was too heavy so I stalled but I recovered. Luckily I’m flying on casual server

While in the Casual server (Usually fly there when I’m at work as sometimes it’s hard to focus on ATC) I was on final to JFK on 4L, when someone took off from 22R(Which wasn’t the active runway at the time) and I had to dive left to avoid them. Ended up striking my left wing on the ground before I was able to start climbing again for the go around.

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Game crashes whiile landing with 100 feet AGL ( I was doing 22hr flight) :)